Random guys/girls add you on Facebook?

would you friend them? 1. if they share any of the same networks as you 2. if you have no mutual friends 3. emphasis on the random. we've never met (don't know if we ever will in the future) -any or all of the above Only asking because guys in the past have friended me even tho I've never met... Show More

& do you ever feel weird if after you friended a person on FB & like a while later you actually meet them in person (but you don't have a lot of interactions generally)?
it's like we've..sort of met before. I know who you are..but I don't "really" know you.

maybe it's just me...
i did not realize so many people would comment on this. thanks to all who commented :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope, I never accept friend requests from people I don't know or never met. If there are a few mutual friends, then maybe I'll accept them.

    I don't accept people I don't know, simply because, obviously, I have no idea of who they are, what they're like, or even if they are actually the person they claim to be on their profiles. Plus, what with ID theft being a big thing these days, I don't exactly like opening my Facebook information to those I don't know.

    A girl friend of mine would often get friend requests at least twice a day, and about 75% of them were random people looking for cyber sex and being general stalkers and creeps. I realize it's different for girls and guys in terms of attracting the weird ones, but it shows you just don't know what you're getting yourself into when you add someone unknown.

    • Thanks for your answer!