Random guys/girls add you on Facebook?

would you friend them?

1. if they share any of the same networks as you

2. if you have no mutual friends

3. emphasis on the random. we've never met (don't know if we ever will in the future)

-any or all of the above

Only asking because guys in the past have friended me even tho I've never met them before and we might share the same network.

but we do go to the same school. not necessarily the same year

As for me, I don't think I go around looking for people (who I don't know) to friend even if we are in the same network.

How often do guys do that?

And how often do girls do that?

And do you usually accept? Hesitate at all?

I'm guessing people only do that if they think that person is attractive, especially if that person has made their profile private/limited access

But again, then I'm like what do you have to gain if you add this random person as your friend? access to their profile I guess, but not much else, unless you intend to contact that person in other ways such as message them or something

& do you ever feel weird if after you friended a person on FB & like a while later you actually meet them in person (but you don't have a lot of interactions generally)?
it's like we've..sort of met before. I know who you are..but I don't "really" know you.

maybe it's just me...
i did not realize so many people would comment on this. thanks to all who commented :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope, I never accept friend requests from people I don't know or never met. If there are a few mutual friends, then maybe I'll accept them.

    I don't accept people I don't know, simply because, obviously, I have no idea of who they are, what they're like, or even if they are actually the person they claim to be on their profiles. Plus, what with ID theft being a big thing these days, I don't exactly like opening my Facebook information to those I don't know.

    A girl friend of mine would often get friend requests at least twice a day, and about 75% of them were random people looking for cyber sex and being general stalkers and creeps. I realize it's different for girls and guys in terms of attracting the weird ones, but it shows you just don't know what you're getting yourself into when you add someone unknown.

    • Thanks for your answer!

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  • A girl I've never met friended me; I saw she was a fan of my work, so I friended her. She does have many mutual friends (now that I think about it, I don't think she's ever seen me at a gig). She has EXTREMELY limited view of my profile. She's a bit clingy, and she has no idea of social graces, but I've never met her, she can't see anything but the basic information, and she can not write anything.

    If they're fans... and I've met them a couple of times, I've gone to school with them, or they're in a related field AND have mutual friends, I'll accept it. Sometimes I will take a wait and see approach; one girl I have yet to meet in person, but she is going to attend a group that I go to; as the group hasn't started for the Fall, I am waiting in order to get to know her a bit better first.

    But totally random? I doubt it. They'd better explain who they are first before I decide.

  • I get random girls all the time, I don't add them because I don't know them (made the mistake once and it was some girl say hay check out my naked pics, and it came up in my friends news feed, I'm friends with my mom) if I never meet you then I won't add you but I will consider it if we have a lot of friends in commo just due to the fact that I may one day meet them

  • Not really.

  • I'm all for it... When I do do it it has been in groups for meeting people randomly on facebook. I kind of think of chatrooms, and social sites as the new age pen pals. As the computer has taken over the pen and paper... We connect internationally to people we probably won't meet via other means. So I usually will accept it from random people, but if people don't ever talk to me or respond to anything... than it annoys me because why would they add me in the first place... So I'll generally delete them in that case so they're not just making it harder to see what is happening with people I do talk to.. Does that make sense?

    • Yup. that's cool. don't you find it a bit of a hassle though to have to (remember to) delete that specific person if you really didn't want them to have access to your profile? I think I've added random people before just in hopes of meeting new people/broadening my network for professional purposes (benefits or whatever) and I don't bother to check if I've ever talked to them/ delete them if I haven't

    • Yeh I suppose that's one of the consequences you deal with is remembering. THat is why I try not to put too sensitive of things on facebook at all. Even if only my friends are viewing it... Chances are though if they're not talking to you, they're not stalking you... although who knows.

  • If I were you, in which I am not, I won't accept the friend request. To me he is a deuce bag. But that's me...

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What Girls Said 22

  • no...i like to add only those I know...

    • Apparently someone who's a fan of adding random people decided to go down the line and thumbs down all our posts. Ha.

  • I don't usually do that. If I don't know them personally I would delete them after I added them.

    Now... there was a recent article in cosmo that says that: people stalk you!

    if you put on your status something like: going out all night partying, be back tomorrow...

    then the stalker will come to your place thinking you are out, and when they find you not there, they will break in and steal all your stuff. this is a true story. celebs have had this happen to them. you don't want this to happen. be careful of your facebook status updates AND who you have as a FRIEND because they may not be your friend.

  • Ew. It's weird when random people try to add me. I only add people that I actually know.

  • Ugh I get fr from random guys all the time. I like to say I'm only friends with people I know but that's not true. I maybe have 20+ people whom I've never met. Yeah I feel awakward when I add some random guy, especially if he tries to fb chat me.

  • majority of the time I won't add em.

    but when I first started up my account,

    there was this boy [ a year older than me ] who added me randomly.

    he wasn't in my network, didn't go to the same school as me...hell--he didn't even live in the same state lol

    but 3 years later, he turned out to be a good friend whom I wish I could meet one day :/

    i think I just got lucky with him ;p

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