Are purple shirts gay?

I like to wear purple, and I'm straight. What's the first thing in your mind when you see a guy (Decent looking, and otherwise manly) wearing a flamboyant shirt-- "He's gay" or "He's confident enough to wear purple"? I'm going to wear purple either way, I was just wondering.


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  • No, some guys wear pink shirts and they aren't gay. Seriously, whatever colour you wear doesn't matter.

    It's the way a guy carries himself that would denote him as gay-like.

    I think as long as you act like a straight guy, there shouldn't be any issues or disputes over your sexual orientation, generally speaking, (I hate to stereotype) but you know what I mean.

    I used to work with this gay guy at my other work place and he would check out guys' asses when they would walk by our place (I worked in customer service then) and it was so funny. Anyway, you get the idea. No, I wouldn't worry about it. However, personally, I don't care. But I guess I do prefer certain colours. ie. white, blue, black, red, brown, gray are kinda masculine colours.

    • Thank you ! ^_^

      On a side note, I think 'purple' is the fashionable colour these days, I don't like it. I just wear whatever I feel looks good on me. Generally a lot of red and white because those colours look good on me *_^ Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • I actually like it when guys have enough courage to wear different colors,because it show that he likes what he likes and doesint care what people think.I don't think it's gay at all I really do like it on most guys I know.

  • um, I think nice shirt. I don't think any color really screams "GAY" as long as it looks nice, I don't really think much of it at all.

  • doesn't matter. I don't think guys who wear pink are gay unless they have the "walk". but doesn't make guys look gay if they wear purple, pink, or whatevver color. : )

  • Wearing purple/pink/traditionally 'unmasculine' coloured shirts is kind of a dated look. I think "boy You so different" while waving my finger around in a sassy motion and assume he jumped on the 'i love wAcKy colours' bandwaggon. But if you like what you wear it doesn't really matter what people think.

  • it makes me want to steal it. because then I have another purple shirt and a shirtless guy! XD lmfhao!

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  • Dude, Relax, Its just a color. And I like purple too. Its my second favorite color. If I had a purple shirt, Id wear when ever I wanted. Theirs nothing "girly" about purple, if that's what your asking. Colors are not gay. If some one says a color is gay, their just being immature.

  • No no no no no no no no.

    Pink . . purple. . . whatever dude :D

    Lol if you wear some kind of shirt . . . Why should it chance your sexuality :D ?


    "He's confident enough to wear purple"

  • Moderation my friend. Moderation.

  • just don't overdo it, no sparkles or fur dangling anywhere

  • no I wouldn't think that I would just see if your hot and then walk away think that your style

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