Would you rather: Dance in the rain, Ride a train, or Feel no pain?

Answer intuitively: Would you rather: Dance in the rain, Ride a train, or Feel no pain?

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Not to go Sheldon Cooper on you guys but: "yes, there is a correct answer".

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What Girls Said 14

  • feel no pain, dancing in the rain on the way to ride a train ...

  • Ride on a train, if there's food.

  • How do you figure there's a "correct" answer?

    • Just teasing.

  • Dancing in the rain is the freest (is that a word? lol) feeling ever

  • Dance in the rain! Hell yes! (Not alone hopefully) =)

  • I've got to go with the rain. What I know of rain, trains, and pain is that I like rain the most.Kudos for the Big Bang Theory reference, made me smile.

  • Dance in the rain. This one of the best feelings in the world. Also, it is part of one of my favorite quotes: " life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain."

  • Dance in the rain if it was summer cause that feels good

  • dance in the rain. I ALWAYS do this every summer or spring. I enjoy it lol

  • I'd wish to feel no pain, frankly...lol

  • I would rather None.

  • ride a train.

  • you are the king of hope...i chose train

  • Dance in the rain! Without pain, you wouldn't know if you're good in health or not.

What Guys Said 8

  • Ride a train. I like trains.

  • Dance in the rain. Feeling no pain wouldn't be good, your body can't warn you when something's going wrong anymore.

  • rain is part of my favorite weather so..I'd love to "dance in the rain" <3

  • My chosen answer is not the correct one, but if I had picked the correct one would I get to meet Summer Glau?

  • Hmm I would say feel no pain even though its the way to tell if you are OK or not.

  • umm... guessing a song lyric.

  • feel no pain

  • i'd rather vote for john mccain.