Should I regret telling him my feelings?

The guy I dated one month ago just stopped talking to me out of the blue. I think I'm gradually getting over it. He seemed and acted like a nice person since I first met him. The first time we talked he just wouldn't stop telling me I was gorgeous and that he liked my personality a lot. At the end of that day he hugged me and whispered to me "I wish I didn't have to let go".

Of course all of that got me excited about him, because he was kind of my crush. By the way he spoke I'd never thought he could be lying.

So I told him about my true feelings for him: I like you, I like the way you are, I like to spend time with you, you seem like a great guy, I'm glad I met you, etc. And to all of this he'd smile and say I was making him feel shy. He was even going through some problems on his life and I told him I could be there for him if he needed me.

Now that he don't want to talk to me anymore, and he left me without saying a word. I feel like I should never have told him about my feelings for him that soon. :( But since he seemed honest, and I liked him very much, I didn't want to waste my opportunity.

Do you think I should avoid this next time? Just be me? Or is just that he was a player or something?


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  • So he was lying that is so low, that's messed up I'm really sorry, maybe he's just the player flirty type like you said I had a crush on someone like that :( but don't change how you are and just be you but it would be good if you gave it some time before you tell him and get to know him more. But either way I hope things will work out and I hope you feel better.

    • Thanks I'm feeling much better now. And you're right better thing to do next time is to take my time to get to know the person before telling them what I really feel.

    • Aww no problem I'm glad you're feeling better :)

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  • You did or said nothing wrong, but my guess is, by revealing your feelings for him so soon after dating him, he basically felt that you were asking him to spend more time with you, and, possibly, conveying to him that you would not mind it if you two were an item in the near future.

    In other words, you may have came on a bit too strong in the relatively short time you dated him.

  • You should avoid this next time. You should never be you. He was a player and you lost the game.


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