What it means when an ex wants space?

My ex and I of 14 months broke up & we ended in good terms. I know he still loves me. He believes we can still be together, but not now. He said he needs space and that time will clear out things for us. We both believe thats what's meant to be will be & what's not, never was. He started telling me how this was the best year of his life with him and how I'll always be the best girlfriend and that he'll always have a soft spot for me. He even got a knot in his throat and I saw that he almost cried. The only thing he asked me for was to not rush things or else that will push him away. (The thing is that we both know we're not even gonna be talking)

But before we talked it out (after he broke up with me) he unfollowed me on instagram? Am I that unbearable to see? And what should I not do so I don't "rush things" ? Do you guys think he'll end up coming back?
Guys, what does all this mean? Please no rude comments, thanks :)


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  • So every year he has such an issue with you, he will need 'space'. Sounds like a big problem.


What Girls Said 1

  • he doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore


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