Is there still a chance or is it over with my cancer man?

My cancer bf I guess broke up with me. He did it through text saying I can't making u unhappy anymore Ur always mad at me. He refused to answer the phone . I would just voice disappointment and say ok. he took it like my tone was mad when i wasnt.I told him i loved him and i never wanted to make him feel thst way and if he felt it was over please leave my key under my mat which was 5 days ago.i told him how much I loved him and that I wasn't mad never am just disappointed. He never left my key. But he unfriended me at first on fb 3 days later and Friday blocked me no reason. That week before he told me know much he missed and loved me.I get how busy he is (work 70 hours a week and took care of his dad) and accepted and tried to be there and let him know he could always depend on me.Earlier that week he kept telling me how much he loved me and missed me. He even called to say it which is rare and how perfect i was. When he unfriended me i called and he was drunk as sh*t and I asked by him unfriending me does that mean it's over and he held out the phone and I could tell he was at a bar and hung up a min later no other word. I don't know what to think.after unfriending me he blocked me.His mom is still friends with me and and told me how she's only heard good thing about me and can't wait to meet me. I never ever voiced anything negative about him or what happened.i feel confused and hurt. I am giving him space and haven't contacted him in 4 days. I just Don't know if he'll cool down and talk to me or if it's completely over. No communication no nothing. Please help with any insight.
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No zodiac sign cancer.He doesn't have actual cancer. Lol
Is there still a chance or is it over with my cancer man?
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