How to get a Cancer man to come back?

Hi there, this is for cancer men or women especially. I'm with my boyfriend for 14 years and he's a cancer. I did something that got him mad and he done with me. I use to text him every day for a month now and he won't text me back. I even bought him a gift thinking he would talk to me but he didn't. we have two kids together. I don't know what to do anymore. Every day I cry because he doesn't talk to me and he hurt me in the past. It's been a month now and he still isn't talking to me. Can any cancer man or woman out there tell me what to do? Do cancer people think about you even if they done with you and is it easy for a cancer person to stop love because by his silence that is what I'm thinking. So I really need some advice on how to get my cancer boyfriend back


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  • wtf? I thought you were talking about cancer the illness when I read the title but now I think your talking about starsigns? If so then starsigns are a load of crap and don't affect sh*t.

    • LOL. But cancer's the star sign are very to answer your question, no matter what you do, he's not coming back.

    • In all seriousness, just give him time to cool off and then think of a genuine way to apologize. For example, take him out to lunch and then be sincere when you say you're sorry.

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  • I am a Cancer female so I will try to assist you the best I can. I do not know what you did exactly to make him mad but it must have been severe (this is conjecture of course). Honesty is VERY important to cancers as well as loyalty. Anytime, someone breaks my trust then he/she is expelled from my life. Now, I am talking about serious trust betrayals like lying, cheating etc. I will never trust that person again. He/She can be remorseful until the cows come home, I won't trust again

    In addition, when we are hurt, we will retreat to our 'shell' because it's like our safe zone. We tend to hurt in private and close ourselves off from people. We will shut the world out until we are ready to open up again, if ever. The worse thing someone can do is tell us to get over it or move on. Cancers are very emotional and sensitive. Our feelings get hurt very easily. We simply cannot flip a switch and get over pain.

    The only thing I can recommend is to make a heart felt apology. Tell him that you made a mistake, you are very remorseful, you feel very bad, how you have felt without him in your life, you miss him, he is important to you, you love him as do your children and assure him it will never happen again. He might have had enough time to cool off. I think it's important to let him know how you feel about him because this is something we love to hear. But, we also like to know you learned from your mistake and won't repeat it again.

    I cannot guarantee this will bring him back but at least you know why is he reacting like this. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the advice. What really happen is he cheated on with two women and got them pregnant the same year. I was mad so I said a lot of awful things about him to his sister and his ex. They betrayed me and told him everything I said and he done with me. I did all that you suggested. I apologized over and over and he never text me back. Is it easy for you cancer people to stop love just like that. I don't know what to do anymore. I even bought him a gift and he never call or text me.

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    • I am sorry for your pain. Honestly, I know you have 14 years invested and share children with him. However, don't you think you deserve respect, mutual love, support and kindness? Aren't those integral pieces of a relationship? Love alone cannot bind people. I wouldn't contact him personally. I would let him go and find someone capable and worthy of loving you, your heart and children. I would rather have that because I know I DESERVE that, just like you do!

    • Thanks. That is exactly what I'll do

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  • I have a baby daddy that's a cancer plus a friend guy that's a cancer, I'm a SAG. He got me pregnant and said he need a break from our relationship, so I changed my number, for 9 months I carried my baby by myself, then when I called him right after the baby was born, he said he was married. So Dec. he met a girl and married her a week befor I gave birth. Cancer men can be very cold hearted men from my experience. So I went on with my dam life, I held my head up and moved on , but of course, I'm a SAG, that's easy for me to do, now he tries to use the baby to get bk at me, but I don't bite into that Bc I could care less about him. I've been I don't know what the hell to call us, but anyway friends with this cancer guy for a year, and when he get mad, he disappears on like he is doing now. Lol, but like I said IMMA SAG, I don't care, I got another date lined up for fri. So oh well. He did take me out mon. But YOU HAVE TO GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE. DONT CHASE THEM. MOVE ON, IF THEY WANT YOU THEY WILL FIND YOU. They are to jealous, controlling, and emotional creations. I can't DEAL BC I LIKE TO DO ME. Hope this helps. YOU DESERVE BETTER, plus it's plenty more fish in the sea LOL.

  • Cancer guys are known to be famous asshats , thanks to their moodswings.


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