Feeling completely numb after a breakup?

Hey, this is very weird for me, usually when I'm broken up with by someone I really care about I feel a huge amount of emotions:despair, hatred, longing, love everything. I always can't decide if the physical pain (feeling like vomitting, headache, heart pounding, hands shaking) is worse or the emotional pain, but mostly I find that it's the emotional pain that is mostly unbearable.

But right now I just don't feel much at all? Like... I've been the one doing break ups twice with this person and every time I felt horrible, wanted him back and was questioning it every day, and we ended up finding our way back because we could never shake the feelings for one another.

After a heated argument he just left me for once, broke every contact, blocked me and didn't want anything to do with me. I got all the physical pain from a breakup, nauseaus, feeling like vomiting etc. but emotionally? I feel... Nothing. No despair to get him back, no hatred, no nothing. I understand his choice, all I feel is justified in the fact that he didn't love me enough, and maybe slightly relieved it happened.. I don't know. Isn't that very unusual for a dumpee? Only difference since yesterday is that the physical pains have mostly subsided. Will the emotions hit me sooner or later? A day has went by and I still feel the same numbness. Thoughts?


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  • Honestly, I completely understand. I also just recently broke up. It does suck buut I think your case might be slightly different. It seems like the arguments and fights you've had with him were too much for both of you to withstand. I think it might be better to let it all go. You don't feel anything and you don't need to get him back. It's for the better. Let him go, give yourself a break and you'll find someone better who you can connect to more. Go to the gym, work out, go out with friends and tbh forget about dating for a while. Everything will work out you just gotta stay strong :)

    • Yes, thank you :) there's absolutely no point in dwelling, I am completely aware. I'm justterrified that suddenly getting hit by emotions that doesn't agree with that might happen, I suck at coping with them.

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  • Thought I was the only one who feels physical pain
    Maybe you didn't like him and that's why you didn't feel emotional pain. If that's the situation, then it's okay. But, why did you have physical but not emotional pain?

    • Absolutely not, I absolutely do, I love this man. We're having a conversation now, and this might change my emotions for the worse though...

  • Try to get to a therapist. Feeling nothing is very dangerous and can lead to depression.


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  • You've grown up as a person. Learned that when it's "over" it's for the best and there is no sense in dwelling on the past lmbo? Like who has time enough to give a fck about an EX other than a 14 year old child with nothing else to do? Move on. Do you. Don't over think it! .. it's part of growing up.

    • You don't seem to have a vast amount of emotional intelligence to be honest, but thanks for the input, it motivates me to stay put :)

    • Oh for sure. Stay and dwell on the emotional pain. That's the smartest most adult thing to do? Especially when you know it's over! good for you.. ?

    • You obviously have no clue how emotions work at all, emotions =/= logic, are you that incoherent? I guess you never loved anybody in your life, that would explain it.

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