How to get my ex-gf who dumped me & lost attraction for me?

Hi! Me and my ex gf started to talk in the beginning of the year & we talked every single day ! She was very into me & she liked me a lot ! She always said that i was a perfect guy that any girl could ask for. She always talked about my lips ! After months of talking we decided to be a couple. Everything was perfect! Two months later she started to back off so i became insecure & needy. She then decided to broke up with me by saying that we should just be friends. I accepted her decision and immediately stopped talking to her & ignoring her badly! It's been almost two months now. Sometimes, i can catch her looking at me when im walking. Do you think she wants me to make the first move and text her? I really love this girl & i really want her back ! School is now over & im afraid she'll forget about me. I dont know what to do now.. Please help me !!!


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  • Text her and tell her. The worst she can say is no, and then you won't have to brood over it for the whole summer. You can either get back together if that's what she wants, or move on and enjoy your break. Just remember, though, if it doesn't work out, it isn't the end of the world. All dating is just a learning experience until you meet the one.

    • To risky. I dont want to sound like a needy p***y.. I really WANT her but i do not NEED he in my life. She's perfect

What Guys Said 1

  • You can't. Move on. And if you manage to, it will only be because you moved on and never looked back. Attraction is like a rubber band of push-pull. Once it's broken, it's broken. And even if you managed to get her back, her respect for you would never be the same. I'm sorry (I've been through 2 break ups like this). One never came back, and the other came back 3 years later after she had slept with dozens of bad-boy losers, and I definitely was not taking her back.

    • So your'e saying that the best way to get her back is to move on & never look back? This girls was very into me man. We would spend sleepless nights on the phone every single day & we would make up like crazy. She even wanted me to meet her mom & her family at one point. Everything was perfect man..

    • I understand, but that was then, and this is now. Emotions are like the weather. You have to be the mountain. She knows where to find you, but the mountain does not chase. I learned that the hard way...

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