Why every time I close my eyes I see my ex?

And I find myself thinking bout him I wonder do he think of me to?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Some Background On Your Relationship Would Of Been Nice. Your Still Thinking Of Your Ex Because You Clearly Miss & Probably Still Love Him. You Have To Find Something To Keep Your Mind Off Him, Start A Hobby, Start A Series On Netflix, Or Read A Book But Do Something That Will Help Clear Your Mind Of Him. It Will Take Time But Eventually Your Feelings Will Die Down & You Will Feel Better. You Guys May Get Back Together In The Future (If You Want It To Happen) But Let It Happen On Its On, Dont Try & Force It. Dont Watch His Instagram, Facebook, Or Twitter Cause You'll See Something That Will Hurt You & The Healing Process Will Restart, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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  • you had something special i'm guessing , he's probably thinking about u too

  • cause you still having unresolved feelings and need the closure


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