I can't look at my ex in the face, is this normal?

She dumped me 2 months ago and we only dated for 2 months and I was her first boyfriend. I don't really know why she did it, firstly I heard it was because I was too clingy, then because I was too self-centered and many other reasons. I really cared about her though so I don't understand the self-centered part. Anyways I've slowly been getting over it, re-connecting with old friends, starting up sports again and stuff, but I just can't look her in the face. Went to a party last night and she was there. Since the break-up she has NEVER tried to initiate contact with me, I've always done it but stopped 1 month ago. I hadn't seen her for 2 weeks and when we caught eachothers eye it was as if someone punched me in the chest. Later on I found out my best friend likes her and that she likes him, so they're most likely going to date, I told my friend I was okay with it, when really I'm not but I don't want to stop them from being happy. Then a picture of her and her friends popped up on my news feed and she looked relatively happy, again my chest spontaneously grew 1000 times heavier. Is it normal, I thought I was going so well. I've come to terms with the mistakes I made and realized it wasn't entirely my fault and because of all the hurt and anger she has put me through I would not want to date her again.


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  • It is normal, actualy I'm going through some thing very similar, he nd I dated for longer though, he broke up with me, he dated some one else, I also acted like a was OK with it, I still loved him, I jus wanted him to be happy. The week after the break up, I cudnt look at him in the face, I was always looking down. He wanted to be frends but I wasn't sure if I could. Ultimately I decided I was at least going to PRETEND I was happy with frends nd stuff. Even though alota people saw right through my fake smiles. Now he's single and wants to get back with me. Any who my point being, if you don't think your going to want to get back with her, pretend you don't even know her, frends don't date your ex's. Its jus wrong, so don't hate them, theyr not worth it, jus go on with your life, nd show them you are much better now :)


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  • I think its perfectly normal to feel the way you do. You should probably talk to you best friend about how you're not over her yet, cause I'm pretty sure it goes against all friendship rules to date a friends Ex if they still have feeling for the person. As for getting over the girl that's just gonna take time. Act like your fine, but definitely find someone to talk to about it.


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  • Well, you my friend are just a copy of most other men out there, I'd feel the same in your situation, but as you grow up and learn, you should just pretend that you're cool and you don't give a damn like if you two never had a history together, it'd take time for the feelings to go away but meeting someone else would be of a big help! good luck!


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