Is he trying to flaunt his girlfriend?

My ex has been with this girl for almost 3 months, we've been apart for almost 6. We're very close as friends, which I like, and I've been honest about my feelings towards him because I don't see the point in hiding them. I'm not ashamed of how I feel. We mostly communicate through instant messenger. A lot of the time we just play around, flirt a tiny bit and just generally enjoy chatting. But every now and then one of us will mention something about our relationship and we'll talk for hours about it. But it seems to me that whenever we do this, my ex will tell me no one can ever replace me, before promptly changing his screen name to something about how much he loves his girlfriend, followed by some lyrics from some romantic song or other. Usually one we used to call 'our song'.

Every couple of weeks or so, he will add me as a friend on Facebook or Bebo. I'm usually hesitant, because it does hurt to see all the messages he and his girlfriend send each other. I have explained this to him numerous times, and each time he will assure me that he rarely sends her messages and his status isn't something romantic aimed at her. The few times I have given in and accepted, this has been true...but the minute he is on my friend's list he will start bombarding this girl with lovey-dovey messages and his status will change to something along the lines of "I've never felt so complete". Also, whenever he takes a new photo of himself and this girl (which is a lot) he will put it up instantly and then start talking to me, like he needs to make sure I've seen it.

He frequently comes to me with his problems, saying that every area of his life has at least one thing going wrong. But then he will correct himself and say "Well, actually my relationship is perfect, so it's not all bad." Just last night he was saying he misses me and my family, and how he wishes he could be here to be uncle to my 3 day old nephew. Recently he has also started telling me he'd love to see me again and even said if I wanted to call him at any point then I was welcome to. Previously he had told me he didn't want me to call him, because it was too awkward.

They haven't even been together 3 months yet and she gets all this attention, whereas we were together 15 months and although he was very loving, I never got that amount of affection. As far as I know, neither did his other girlfriends. It seems like he's trying to show her off in front of me, but also that he's trying to convince someone he loves this girl. The question is, who is he trying to convince? Me or himself? Opinions?
Is he trying to flaunt his girlfriend?
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