Is ex gf in a rebound relationship, does anyone have any stories of something similar, an how did it turn out? what did u do when this happen to you?

Its been 2 months since our break up, she been harsh to me an cold, she started dating this guy 2 wks after she broke up with me, i begged her cried an told her i understand why she broke up with me, she said that she broke up with me because of insecurity and trust problems, i couldnt break up with her because i love her an was blind, i failed to see how much she was hurting me i lost my self in this relationship gave up everything for this girl, she was my only friend, i was thankful that she broke up with me because i took the time to see things clearly an what i was doing wrong, she basicaly blamed me for everything, i never cheated lied or anythong to this girl, but i caught her lying to me many times an that made me accussed her of things an couldnt really trust her but i really loved this girl, this whole time we been apart i tried to work things out with her an tell her i see what my mistake was but she kept telling me she want to be single for now, i had to find out on my own that she was messing with this guy, when we was together she hid his # in her phone an i hacked her phone an seen the msgs, but she told me they are just friends so i believed her an now they are together, the thing is everytime she would try to hide things from me i would find out an she would tellme i got trust issues but she made me this way, she lied to me so much it crushed my heart that she left me after all the things i did for her all the things i sacrificed for her, im in h. s i gave up basketball, friends everything for her, i sold my videos games an took the money to buy her a necklace an ring an a stuffed animal, i wrote her a letter explaining to her i was wrong an i was sorry i have changed ect, but she told me she dont feel nothing for me an she is with this guy now an to move on, she left me heart broken again, i took the time to give her space before i did that for her but now I don't know what to do, the guy just got out of prision


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  • She's your ex and you had a bad break up. There's nothing "to do" with this girl because now she's thankfully out of your life. You learned some lessons I hope, not to give up the things you like to do for a woman. There's never a guarantee in relationships and you don't deserve to lose yourself in the process because that eventually becomes dangerous. Almost all of us have done it - given up friends and hobbies for the person we love. In the end, it's a lesson learned.

    But, as I said, she's your ex now, and she lied and hurt you both during the relationship and after. Why does it matter so much if she's cold to you now?--she's your ex, what she's doing shouldn't matter anymore. You're still stinging from being hurt and you have nothing to take your mind off of things because you need to get yourself back to being you again. It's this point during break ups when you need to find the things that made you happy before you met this girl to get your mind off of her and rekindle the things that mattered most to you before. Find old friends, take up your favourite sports again, buy a few video games - whatever it takes to build back the guy you used to be that made you happy before. She was absolutely wrong for you, and she's acting in such a way to make it clear that you two are over because it sounds like you might be giving a sign that you can't get over her and want her back. If she doesn't want this and is trying to make it clear, she's going to get nastier by the day to make her point. Leave her alone, let her be part of your past and thankful that she taught you a few lessons. I know it's hard, but you will find a better girl out there that will make you wonder why you spent so much energy worrying about this one. She did you a favour by getting you to move on. Good luck! :)

    • Yeah i was blind and now i do feel better about the situation but part of me still hurts an love her an i need to let go i have not spoke to her in a wk ever since i tried to work things out with her, before that i went 18 days nc with her an i broke no contact last wk sat to see her an now im finally moving on after seeing her true colors, i sorta have this hope that she might come back but i am starting to give up hope, i did find my self as a person an i feel better about my self an im no longer blinded by love, i just, i just wanted to know if anyone ever hadthere ex come back after leaving them for someone, im 17 years old an this was my first serious relationship

    • Im not going to lie i do want her back so much bc i feel like we could of workedthings out but she after seeing her behavior an her attitude to me i just feel hurt an i feel a lot of love for her I don't know why everything she have done to me as messed up but i just have this feeling an its making it hard for me to let go of her an continue seeing other girls

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Just Gotta Leave Her Alone & Let Her Go, Do Things To Keep Your Mind Off Her, It Will Be Tough At First But Over Time You'll Feel Better...


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  • My first boyfriend got with a new girl 2 weeks after we broke up. 5 years later, they're married and expecting their first child. Sometimes rebounds work out.

    Move on.

    • Im kinda confuse on why she choose this guy, he is gang afiliated an got locked up, i dont think he will treat her right i mean we was together for 3 years an i sorta have this hope that she might come back we just needed a break but I don't know its just mesing with my mind, i can't get my emotions under controll when i talk to ither girls, so many otherrgirls i met an they are all different an crazy I don't know i guess i do need to move on from it, it didn't have to happen this way she was sending me mixed signals i been okay for the past wk but today it just hit me i seen her post a pic on fb, she delted me off fb couple qks back but i can still see what she posts an i couldnt help my self but i just wanted to see what she was up too an feeling an seeing that picture just hurt me an i guess i was waiting on a sign to see where things was going i know im hurting my self by doing this an i will stop but my brain is fried noww,

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    • i did cut off all contact, im just shock an part of ne can't let go imreally in love with this girl i can't look a another girl with out feeling guilty or thinking of her im really attracted to her, but i just wanted to know what what u think about this, do u think this is a rebound?

    • It sounds like she's over you and moving on

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