Has an ex ever come back to you? How many of you have experienced this? After how many months?

Hi everybody,

I've been thinking a lot recently about exes. I have read SO many times here and on other sites and from friends etc. that their ex boy/girlfriends came back to them after certain time. It might not have been to get back together but just getting back in contact.

I was wondering, how many of you have experienced this? And if you have could you please write after how many months?


  • They came back, and we got back together.
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  • They came back, but we're just friends.
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  • They came back, but we don't talk much any more/hate each others guts.
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  • They never came back, but I wish they had.
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  • They never came back, but I'm happy with that.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My last ex and I were together pretty much a year. He cheated on me for the third time, and not only did he go out and cheat the day I got home from the doctor and it was all bad news and about my up coming surgery... he pocket dialed me when he was with the other girl. AND he told her what happened with the other girls he told me about, but a lot more in depth. Then he started talking sh*t about me, to the girl he was with, and proceeded to hit on her.

    I broke up with him as soon as he called me back from hanging out with her. The next day at school got really ugly and there was a huge scene. He told me I was a whore and it was all my fault.

    He got reallly depressed apparently, and shaved his head... (all his friends were telling me how miserable he was) I ended up blocking his number, because he wouldn't leave me alone. He still stalks my myspace, and leaves me voice mails updating me on his life, as if I care.

    He still hasn't left me alone, the voice mails continue. Its been 5ish months since the breakup.

    • Wow what a jerk

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    • Poor guy has issues.

    • :b If only "Issues" described it. lol

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What Guys Said 3

  • Don't look forward to an ex coming back unless the break up was soft. I've had so many bad breakups I think I would just hurt more if they came back to me!

  • she broke up with me and 2 days later we got back together because we were so in love. we didn't even last full 48 hours. I came to her house to say sorry and we had an AWESOME sex. but we aren't together no more :(

  • A:

    -She left, came back, and we got back together and I asked her if she had liked it. She hadn't.

    -She left, came back, and we got back together and I asked her if she had liked it. She had.

    -Then she left again, came back and we got back together and I asked her if she had liked it. She had but she was feeling really miserable nevertheless. (she had every reason to) I helped her.

    When she left the next time I didn't even try to keep her, I told her to be happy and our ways parted. I hope she's been happy. IDK. Do I really care? IDK.


What Girls Said 18

  • Yeah, with every single guy I've ever dated.

    The first one sent me an email just to reestablish contact about three months after things ended.

    The second sent me an apology via text message after what I recall being a pretty long time - maybe upwards of four or five months? I recall being surprised and not totally sure it was from him, since it had been quite a while.

    The third sent me a series of IMs shortly after we split asking me if there was any way we could get back together, then IMed me less and less frequently as time went on.

    The most recent one has been hounding me since the day after we split (and HE instigated the breakup!). Contact more or less broke off between us when the school year ended, except for one email he sent about a month ago (so four months post-break).

    With the exception of the first one, who I really don't see much of anyway and was never that serious with, I'd really be okay with never seeing or hearing from any of them again. Not for no reason or for spite, mind you - these guys have all proven themselves to be not worth my time anymore.

  • Me and my first boyfriend kept talking after our breakup and the feelings would keep coming back and we would get back together, but we would break up over the same thing, distance, because he lives a couple states away. Then my second boyfriend came back and he wanted to get back together and I didn't so I sort of stopped contact. Then my most recent boyfriend and I stayed friends after the break up and my feelings remained. It was fine until he got a girlfriend, I knew that wouldn't be a good environment for me so I left him completely, he was VERY upset with this and tried to get my friendship back. I finally agreed after a while, and we were fine, I didn't let my feelings cloud my sight. He broke up with his girlfriend and our friendship remained strong. Then he said he started to feel something towards me again, but he was really indecisive. Well turns out he was already sort of "seeing" someone and that he knew that if he went with me it would be a serious relationship with love involved and he just wanted something simple. Things got complicated and we disagreed and reconciled. But then things got really bad when the girl that he was seeing came into the picture. I am friends with her, not close, but still friends. And me and her talked and she told him, and he yelled at me for what I said. So now I could really care less about our friendship. And I don't care if he still wants our friendship. I want him out of my life.

    Point is, exes are exes for a reason. Sometimes the friendship works, but not if one/or both people still has lingering feelings. It can only work if that person doesn't let their feelings get in the way of the friendship (which I did), and the other person involved doesn't lead them on (which he did).

  • We tried to stay friends right after the break up but he didn't want us to end and kept asking so that didn't work out but now we're OK as friends...still kinda awkward but it took probably about 7 months for us to get to the point we're at now but we don't talk often because we're never around each other!

  • After 2 months, then again my ex and I have been on and off for almost 3 years. Recently an ex that I REALLY DO NOT EVER WANT TO SEE came back, but luckily for me we're just in contact, very limited contact.

  • I've only gotten back together with one ex. We got back together three times. I think it was always about 6 months to a year before we got back together. And he approached me each time. It'd start out as us being friends, then wondering why the heck we broke up, getting back together, and then realizing why we broke up. We're friends now.

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