What is the longest time an ex has not talked to you and came back?

You are about to read something so crazy, but it could actually be a known thing. My ex has not talked to me for a month now and this Monday will make 5 weeks. I called her 2 days after she hung up on me which the phone call I made was after 12am and then a week later I text her and said "Hey" but still no response from her. The reason why she hung up on me a month ago is because I told her I now trust her and I want her to know that I am putting my heart into this. The reason for me telling her that is because she left me for her ex back in March who lives way out of state. They were together for 2 or so months until he did her & her family wrong and they broke up. 2 months later she came back to me either for rebound or because she realize what she had with me.

So because of that I had a habit of bringing up the past. The last 4 or 5 times we seen each other I would some how bring up the past and we would argue. She wasn't showing much improvement to want to be with me at first, but later she finally did, but still had immature ways. She started to get fed up because she didn't want a relationship, but she told me she wanted to work out our problems so we can be together. She didn't want to have sex until she is in a relationship, But she slept with me a month ago. Well about a month and a half ago I brought up the past and we argued and she left. She kept saying how else can we make this work if I keep bringing this up as if she was saying we should call it quits. I told her OK if she feel it's no hope and won't continue to work it out then I'll let her go. She then said "No.. I'm saying HOW can we make this work.. what can we do?" So it's obvious she still wanted me. We somehow we argued again right after that and then she got mad and asked "The only way I can prove to you that I want to be with you is if I be your gf?" and I said "Exactly!" But I meant she would show more improvement like trying to see me or not always going out to the club every weekend putting her friends in front of me which is a crowd full of girls with the "I don't give a **** attitude" and stuff like that. So she hung up on me and said she done, goodbye. I didn't hear from her for 2 weeks.

I called her twice but no answer. I text her a day before those two weeks to tell her good luck with everything. She called me a day later saying how she would hear songs that reminded her of me and she caught herself saying my catch phrases.. in other words she missed me. She was afraid that I didn't want to talk to her anymore so that's why she claims she didn't call me. So the following weekend is when I told her the trust thing and also told her she she play me or anything of the such then I won't ever talk to her again. She hung up on me and that was it. I called her right back and repeated what I said on her voice mail, but ended it with how I miss her and such. I have not heard from her in 4 weeks. So is it safe to say it's over? Is it all my fault? Is there someone else?
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The reason why I decided to give her another chance is because she did NOT know that I knew she left me for him. So when she came and admitted what she did without her knowing that I knew about it made me respect her.
What is the longest time an ex has not talked to you and came back?
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