How long did it take your ex to call you?

one of the most frequently asked questions after a breakup, let's get some answers from personal experiences as everyone has gone through them

in my opinion any "breakup" where you get back together in less than one month is not really a breakup, just a fight

1.were you the dumper or dumpee?

2.who contacted who first? long were you in a relationship for?

4.what was the reason for the breakup? in your opinion

5.when they contacted you was it to get back together or just see how you were?

6. If they wanted to get back together, did you already move on by the time they contacted you?

7. If you did get back together, how long did it last?

lol imo I think that a breakup occurs when the relationship is broken beyond repair. from personal experiences once a real breakup happens even if you get back together, it doesn't last too long. id say anywhere from a few weeks to a few months tops

feel free to describe as many past relationships as you want
1-2 months
3-5 months
6 months - year
1 year+
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let me add

#8: how long did it take for the ex to contact you

a lot of people are submitting answers to the poll which is great but it makes me wonder if they just wanted to view the results, I shuda added an option to view the results lol

so just also add #8 if you get the chance... good looks

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How long did it take your ex to call you?
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