Guys, how long does it take you to miss your ex?

I love him but won't be that clingy girl who calls him. Its been 12 days, no contact after 6 months of being together. I don't want advice I just want to know how long it usually takes guys to miss your girl


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  • In regards to what rainydayman said he's kinda right. When men break up with women we know that we won't miss them. However when I did it, it back fired on me about 3 months later and by that time she had already moved on. It was a sh*t couple of years after that :)

    if you were really that great together it will take him being single for a while to realize what he lost but by that time you might have already moved on.

    The longer it gets between no contact the more you will feel like it is his loss. I'm about a month into no contact with my ex and while I wake up everyday thinking of her by the end of the day I realize its her loss if she doesn't want to be with me.

    Stay strong and do not contact him! if he contacts you then fine but just play it cool and work on yourself for the time being :)

    • Me and my guy were together nine years its been almost three months and we haven't talked much at all he isn't the type that text or call much, I feel like may be he has someone he keeps telling me he is single and that I haven't changed my ways, do I still have hope that he will have a change of heart? I haven't really not kept in contact but I don't do it much, when we see each other its for money for his child and when I talk about a relationship he rejects, I'm just giving up its been a few months already and I can't believe after none years he could forget me like this, if I have no hope that's fine but is it some hope left? Anythnjg I could do still to make him change his mind?

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  • If I'm breaking up with her, I already got the missing out of my system before I left. I give it some thought and when I feel like I can be happier without, I leave. I've already prepared myself for the break. When you get to that point where you don't feel good about yourself while with that person, there really isn't much to miss.

  • OOOO lol he misses you. 6 months is a long time. So I'm pretty sure he misses you. Don't worry, eventually he will make a move. I don't know when but that day will eventually come. Take care!

  • If he is in love with u he will miss you the day after you didn't want contact , the matter of calling or messaging is about pride. Up goes the pride less will be the chance of calling

  • Takes me about 4 hours. Then I will remember how much of horrible person she was to me. I admit I have my faults but damn she was mean

  • A few hours...not even.

  • A minute or two.


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