How long does it take a guy to realize he misses you?

we fight and break up kinda often but he usually contacts me within a week or 2 and we get back together. he said he's done this time, but I wonder if he misses me. How long can it take a a guy to realize he misses a girl? and how do I know if its REALLY over, how long should I want to hear from him before I know for sure?


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  • sounds like a very bad relationship you have.. I would put it down to esperiance and just walk away.. it depends, if the relationship got physical very fast I would usualy miss her after about 3 weeks. some women I've been with where we took our time I still kinda miss several years on.

    it depends on the person...with your guy I suspect it will be when he gets horny

    Good Luck


    • Yeah we got physical fast. when a guy breaks up with a girl and he does eventually get horny again do they go out and find another girl? I don't know about guys but when I break up with a guy I can't be with another guy for a while cause it will make me think of them and ill get upset

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  • Depends on a person. Sometimes it takes week or two, sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes year.

    I realized that I miss one girl only after nearly one year after we broke up.

  • What a dumb relationship, anyway love is not real in teens.. just lust and hormones.

    • Um he's actually 23 and I'm 19, and no it wasn't dumb. If your not going to answer the question don't comment

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    • I do agree with him to a point tho... maybe it wasn't the most appropriate/nicest answer, but he has a point. Why would you constantly fight with someone you "love"? You wouldn't... An arguement here-and-there is ok, and healthy. Fighting and breaking up and making up, over and over, is not.

      Love IS possible with teens, specifically older teens, they just need to be more mature and secure with themselves to experience it, (something a lot of teens are not...).

      He DOES have a point.

    • It wasn't constant fighting but yes I see where you are coming from too

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