Ex Contacts 5 Months Later After Dumping Me, What Should I Do?

Hello Everyone,
As the title reads, my ex decides to email me after 5 months of NC.

When my ex had dumped me, it was very unexpected. I didn't see it coming. Actually, 48 hours prior to dumping me, my ex was asking if I'd agree to marry him after we finished school. I said yes, and we ended the phone call both very happy. Next day we didn't speak at all, the day after however, something didn't feel right. I end up texting him and hours later I get this long text message saying, "sorry but things can't work between us, our families are not compatible..." etc.

I was completely heartbroken, I couldn't even respond back to the message, he'd already blocked me on all sorts of social media outlets. My last resort was sending him an email, which he never responded to.

About 2 weeks later I see that he unblocked, still feeling hurt & betrayed I end up blocking him. 3 months after our breakup I end up seeing him at a social gathering. However I do not make any eye contact with him, but from afar I could see him intensely staring at me, as if he wanted me to look back, but I didn't. I pretended that I never saw him.

Few days after this meet up I notice on my Insta. that he created another account to spy on me. Funny thing is, he made it very obvious that is was him by using his pic. and a nickname only I know about. At first I decided that I wouldn't block him. If he's desperate to see what i'm doing then so be it. After a while though still feeling pissed with him I end up blocking him, seeing that why should he be allowed to see what I'm up to when he choose to dump me.

days later after blocking his account is when I receive his email. It was literally titled, "The Most Important Apology of My Life". He pretty much says, " I'm so so so sorry" I need your forgiveness etc. He even called himself a "stupid irresponsible child" (he's 21 for anyone wondering).

In the end, should I take him seriously? Is he worth the reply at this point, or is this just breadcrumbs?
Ex Contacts 5 Months Later After Dumping Me, What Should I Do?
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