Do guys get curious when an ex goes MIA?

we broke up he text me from time to time I guess when he is bored, he has some tabs on me via social media, if I were to go MIA, will it spark curiosity on him?


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  • First, I don't know. Second, he's an EX so why do you care? Try it and find out!

    Honestly I think it depends on the guy. If a girl breaks up with some types of guy (like my brother), it doesn't bother him in the slightest and he just finds another girl. Other types of guys turn into the stalker type.

    The fact he has "Tabs" on you on social media speaks volumes to me. I wouldn't even allow that if I were you.

    • what do you mean on the " speaks values to you:? is that bad? well we r still friends on fb, and he still has my photos on his fb

    • Well speaking frankly it worries me in both situations. Despite what guys will tell you, in 99% of cases, you CAN NOT be friends with your male ex boyfriend. Sure you can still talk and get along, but I garuntee you 99% of the time, he's trying to reopen that door. So, the fact that he's got you on Facebook and is texting you I'm guessing he's keeping around in the faint hope that you might come back to him. The fact that YOU have allowed him to stay friends with you on facebook, AND you wonder what he would do if you went "MIA", tells me you're keeping tabs on him too. That means either you're not over him, or no offense, you're the controlling type and you hope that he's miserable without you.

    • no thank you for your opinion you are not offending me, well, weird thing is that he doesn't text me much and sometimes doesn't even reply to my texts, so I have giving up I want to get back together but I notice that the more I try the more I pushed him away, so I am keeping my distance just hoping he will come around, don't think he will, yea I find it odd that if " as he looks like he is moving on" I don't know why would he have my photos on his fb still... and some comments my family before they knew we broke up saying hi to him and me and he has not taking it down, so it makes me wonder!!! lol gosh !! I may your head hurt didn't I

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If He Cares Enough & Is The Type Of Guy That Wants To Know What Your Up Too Then Yes...


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