Guys: how long do you keep your exes nudes for? And why? Does it depend how much you liked her? Does it depend if you get into a new relationship?

How long do guys keep nudes after they end a relationship? Does it depend how much they were into their ex? Does it depend if they get into a new relationship? Does it depend if the new girlfriend finds out? A lifetime?
How long are nudes saved for? And why would you keep them after you break up?
So many questions lol sorry. .
  • I delete them as soon as we break up.
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  • 1-5 years.
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  • 6+ years.
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  • Never erase them. I have an archive of exes nudes.
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  • Depends how much I liked my ex, and when I finally move on. (can take any amount of time/years)
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  • After a break up, EVERYTHING gets deleted, trashed, burned and forgotten.

    • My ex still has my racy pics :/
      I told him to delete them, but he refuses.
      He's been trying to get back with me, but he cheated, so I just can't take him back.
      We've been broken up for 3 years now.

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    • You're welcome. I really liked your last comment. He's the one who should be ashamed if he shows them, not me. :)

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  • Ok, just to let you know I advise against sending them cause if the phone gets lost it can end up online or if the guy is a douche and posts it online it'll be online.

    That being said, even if neither of these are the case and he deletes it immediately, you do realize it's still not actually gone right? You can pull back stuff that was deleted and emptied out of the recycle bin because it's not truly gone.

    Even people who claim snapchat deletes, it doesn't delete them if you go through your filesystem and go into the snapchat folder it hides them off but doesn't truly delete them off your device permanently.

    It can be brought back forensically (no you don't have to be a cop to know how to do this, just someone who's trying to fix your computer may be able to do this as well). This isn't to say there's not a way to fully wipe it but nobody does that cause it's a pain, people don't know how to, people assume it's gone for good when it's out of the recycle bin, people are scared to, people still need other stuff on the device so they don't want to wipe everything on it in that thorough a fashion.

    Remember, unless he actually knows how to and then actually wipes everything from the computer it's still there even if he emptied the recycle bin within a moment. Not worth it to do the whole nude messaging nonsense, just steer clear it's easier and safer.

  • 1 minute; the same time it'd take me to colate the folder and delete it, then empty the recycle bin.
    Even if things end, there's something called respect, and not acting like an arse XD

  • I have some nice photos of my exes (except the last one, who was ironically the longest relationship), still in a box, but I deleat everything too sexual immediatly on break up.


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