Why did he re-add me on snapchat after ending things with me & telling me to leave him alone?

Me & my guy mate had a thing for about a year & four months, we were taking things slow & just enjoying being with each other without rushing & pressuring into things. We started arguing a lot & hit a rough spot he ended things.

I let things go & moved forward four days after he reconnected with me & told me he wanted to talk & that he missed me. We tried things again but he didn't seem bothered about it all and we ended up having a argument. He literally began seeing the worst in me.

It ended again & it ended badly we had the most heated argument ever, he hurt me I hurt him. He deleted and blocked me off everything. It hurt a lot. Anyways 2 weeks on I was snapchatting one of his best mates & I was feeling emotional, he told me that 'sometimes people fight what they don't understand.' I think was a reference about his friend.

Anyways I wake up this morning & see that this guy has re-added me on dnapchat & unblocked me on fb. Which confuses me a hell load as he told me we should just cut each other off & go our separate ways as talking won't make this easy for us both & in the argument actually told me to go away & leave him alone.

So guys what's with the re-adding?


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  • Jealousy has many forms. Maybe he wants to see if your dating anybody else, or maybe he is miserable and wants to make sure you are too. Don't believe me? Get together with some friends, have somebody take a picture of you all, look incredibly happy and overjoyed like your having a blast, then take that picture and make it your profile picture so he sees it and watch how fast he starts talking to you again. I would steer clear period, sounds like he is unstable.


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