Ex Girlfriend restricted me on Facebook? I'm having a breakup relapse and really need some clarity in what's going on with her?

So I sorta recently had a breakup relapse and am looking for answers. Here's the skinny of it. I met this girl last May online dating. I know that's an immediate red flag, but whatever. We text for a whole month because she was out of country and when she got back we went on out first date. It was an instant connection. The texting relationship we had built immediately translated to real life. We dated for a couple months and became official early on. It was a wonderful time, tho maybe we went a little too fast. We became best friends and lovers and would talk on the phone for hours every night until she fell asleep. Then she went back to school in September, a 4 hour drive away. At first she was nervous to go back. I helped her get through it over the phone. The first two weeks we were fine. She would call me twice a day, and even accidentally said she loved me twice. The first time at the end of a phone call and the next she was a little drunk. Anyway, two days after the drunken "i love you" she broke up with me. She said she thought she wasn't as "in the relationship" as I was," that she needed time to find herself, that she needed to learn take care of herself before she could take care of me. I was crushed. For the next month she strung me along calling me late at night, texting, snapchatting me. But every time I asked to see her for closure she refused. She would have panic attacks about seeing me. She came home twice that month and wouldn't see me. Finally I had enough and told her how much she meant to me, but that I had to stop missing her so I went NC. Times have been tough. It's been two months since I talked to her last. We're still friends on FB but I unfollowed her so I wouldn't see her posts. I was coping. Then last night I got drunk and idiotically checked her FB, to find she had restricted me from seeing her new posts, though we are still friends. Can anyone give me insight as to what's going on with her?


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  • She's mkving on...
    Like you should be...

    • Yes but whats the point in being my friend on Facebook if she's just going to restrict me?

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