My Ex is emotionally draining me please opions much appreciated?

So i broke up with my ex a few weeks ago because i was moving abroad. I still love her and she knows how i feel, i told her a few weeks ago.
Weve been meaning to talk on the phone but our plans are alwaus different.
She texted me frantically telling me how much she misses me and wants to talk.

But her attitude is still strange, she's. made no effort to contact me. Whats going on. I contsct her regularly. I still love her but i need to know exactly what she's feeling.

Does she rrally miss me even if she doesn't contact me? :/
We also have plans tonight to talk, if she makes other plans should i leave it. I csnt go on like this


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  • Dude you broke up with her for a reason tell her to not take it personally


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  • You should tell her how her behavior is affecting you. Your feelings might be clouding your judgment a little, and other than that it's possible that she's just acting like this in order to make you want her more. It's not a very mature thing to do but it's certainly understandable.

    If you can't get a good opportunity to talk, then send her an email or write her a letter. If she cares about you (and I'm sure she does), she'll try to be understanding and supportive. Talk things over and make a decision together on how to proceed.


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  • You broke up with her, because of moving abroad? She totally deserves a better boyfriend. You dump her and then you want her to make effort for you and act like nothing happened. Just leave her alone so she can find somebody else and feel happy.

  • Talk by phone will not be like if u r beside her now u broke up dont know if u want keep her as ur gf while u still far that kinda selfish exept if she agree to wait u until u back

    Now if u want her to wait u ask her can u wait For me? give her 2days to think
    If no then move on find new girl

    If u feel she's not herself I think that's sign she will have new bf soon


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