Ex rubbing rebound in my face?

Okay so he told me himself he was seeing someone a week after we split the last time from our on/off period. We was arguing & I said some hurtful things (which I regret) and he turned around and said well the girl I'm seeing doesn't seem to think so. He then rubbed in my face how she was perfect & they had an amazing connection. But still went on to say he missed me & hasn't replaced me.

Since then he's been posting things all over social media rubbing there relationship in my face. Now I've know him for 4 years, been with him a year and a half and I know for a fact that it's all an act. It's so out of character for him.

Firstly he doesn't publicise his life on social media especially his love life.

Secondly he's emotionally damaged & would never rush into a relationship.

Now we've been in NC for a month, he had stopped with the flaunting for about a week and a half, but as soon as I post about some happy news in my life he starts it back up again. Why? Why is he doing this! And why is he forcing his relationship down my throat why I choke on it? He ended it with me, I could understand a little bit if he was the dumpee but he isn't.


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  • He can't force his relationship on you unless you let him. Block him from all your social media outlets and put "Asshole" as his name on your phone so you know not to answer. Problem solved.

  • Why are you still in contact with an ex... your situation is exactly why the general rule is to not try to be friends with an ex.

    • Were not friends. I just don't get why he's doing it for?

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    • He has been taken off social media. And I am moving on with my life. I guess just knowing why he's doing this will make it easier for me to understand why. I wish I could just put him in my past because I can't. I'm very close with his family & we have the same social circle and not to mention he literally lives around the corner from me.

      I did initially want to wish him a happy new year, build burnt bridges. New year, new start kind of thing just so that when we do have to come in contact with each other it's civil & there isn't much awkwardness. But after seeing that he's still playing games I don't know what to think, I would have thought things would have died down by now.

    • the bridge burnt down for a reason darling. It's always going to be awkward when its a break up and you may or may not see eachother around town. by constantly thinking maybe I should wish HIM this or why is HE'S doing that, you are putting attention on him, and its time to end that, you say you're moving on well this post says otherwise. You may be close to his family thats fine but the dynamics have changed and sometimes leaving things behind is needed, it doesn't mean you aren't nice to him or his family when the occasion arises, it means you have to build distance between the two. He the adult and bigger person in this situation because he isn't whilst you're moving forward he's stuck in the past playing games. Yes you have the same social circle and you should let them know you don't wish to talk about or know anything about Him... And honestly this is an opportunity for you to have a true fresh start and make new friends (not dropping the old ones)

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