Want to talk to my ex-girlfriend, No Contact is killing me inside?


It's been a month since my break up of 10 months. I am in no contact since one month (contacted one time though for apologizing ie 5 days after Breakup). During NC i reminded each and every cause why she broke up with me at first place and I am regretting that, I am a changed person now and I want her back in my life.

Now since one week she's giving me mixed signals by changing her Whatsapp status and she's also login-ed my Facebook account 3 times in the same week (I haven't changed my password yet).

I am totally Confused what to do should I approach her!

Or should I change my password and show her that I have moved on.

Or should I send her signals too?

On the other hand m scared, what if she says no after if I approach her.
I don't wanna be in her friend zone too.

I love her very much and I know she's also emotionally attached.!

Guys please help me, need your opinion!!.
  • Should i approach her or give signals back.
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  • Show her that i have moved-on.
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  • Oh god why do people give their passwords out. She's been logging onto your Facebook that's pretty creepy.
    If she wants to talk to u she will. If she doesn't she won't. Stop over thinking it and continue with your life
    Nobody likes mind games, why u letting her play them?

    • ya you're right. But its the only thing (my Facebook account) which is keeping me occupied in her head i reckon.

    • Well don't reduce yourself to the worth of a Facebook account then! Do you not feel like your privacy is invaded?

    • Hmm! i guess i should change my password then, let her think whatever.

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  • Firstly change your passwords, it's bloody weird that she logs into your account, what's up with that? You need to show her you have moved on because she still has one foot in your life without permission and one foot out so she's controlling everything. I think if you feel that you could salvage the relationship and you both have changed enough for it all to work out then go for it but is it worth it? Only you can decide? Perhaps try dating other people to see if she's still the one

  • Show her you've moved on. If she really wants you back she will contact you, especially since she's the dumper.


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