Ex girlfriend wants to talk to me? Why?

my girlfriend and I dated for 6 months. we were partially long distance for most of the time we were dating. we were fine, I liked her, but sometimes the fights were stupid and annoying as hell. we were going to wait for each other the last two weeks of school, I was incredibly busy because I was becoming a professional gamer and she was studying for finals, we agreed to be patient and just wait until the summer. we didn't talk much, and the contact we did have was me telling her I made pro and she just wondering if I was okay, I hadn't spoken to her in a while. I told her happy 6 months the day she came back, but couldn't see her on the exact day. the next day, she called and said it wasn't working out and said she wanted to try again when we had more time, she doesn't like the way we're treating each other and two weeks is too long not to talk. I told her I was extremely tired and busy.she was too, so I left her alone. wtf? I told her if that's what she wants, then fine. it made no sense to me.

she tried to apologize to me and said she made a mistake, wasn't having it. and called a few times and I didn't answer. I went on about my plans and I still continue gaming. I just completely blocked her out of the picture. she probably feels stupid for dumping me I guess, when she's frustrated she tends to go in circles. I just disengage.

its been a month now, and she's texted me "i really need to talk to you. I know we're broken up and not speaking but can we just talk? I'm not about yelling at you or accusing you. can we meet somewhere, if that's at all possible? please respond."

do i? why is she contacting me?
Ex girlfriend wants to talk to me? Why?
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