Most dramatic breakup? Most anticlimactic breakup?

What was the most dramatic breakup you've had with a boyfriend/girlfriend?
How about the most anticlimactic breakup?


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  • Dramatic-long story short, on a drunken night, the guy i was seeing pretty much got into the car with some other slag right in front of me- leaving me out in the middle of nowhere-and i proceeded in drunk rage to take my thick, chunky, heel off and throw it at his pretty corvette window, shattering it. I'm surprised the bastard never pressed charges, but we stopped talking after that.
    Anticlimactic- it was very mutual, not much was said


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  • The most dramatic break-up I ever had was this girl crying out to god and falling out and shit because I was leaving her even though she had suggested it three weeks prior and we had been going out for an entire month.

    The least dramatic was the one with my longest relationship. We just went our separate ways. There was nothing else, no yelling or kicking or screaming, just "Well, that's it!", "Yep."

    Real final words.


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  • My guy said "I have to let you go. It's not you, it's me." In a text.

    • Whoa. Not cool.
      How did you respond? How long had you been dating?

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    • Wow. Epic fail.

    • Yep and 5 months later... :-/

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