Ex talking bad about me on Facebook?

Why would a guy go so far to bash you on social networks after a breakup? Me and my ex ended it 2 months ago, the relationship was toxic. He did wrong in a lot of ways but would never apologize for anything. I'm not saying I was perfect, but I never cheated. anyway, it wasn't working anymore and at the end he barely even called me so I knew we would break up which is what happened. So lately I find out he's really bashing me badly on Facebook, calling me a psycho, fake, phoney.. even saying I'm stalking him! His friends even were joining in and bashing me with him. I can't believe he would do that so I deleted all social networks because of this. It's stressed me out and given me anxiety. Any advice on why a grown man in his thirties would do this?


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  • What a little shit. He is doing this because he KNOWS how much of a dumb fuck he was and he is much too proud to admit it. He feels that he should trash talk you to make himself feel/look better. Little does he know, he will never look better. Freaking scum bucket!


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