My ex blocked me then unblocked me after 24 hours?

A little info about me ladies please read

Met a girl online and began dating her we dated for almost 2yrs I lived with my family (brothers) and she lived with hers (uncles) the entire time, we are both adults ages 27 and 28.

Throughout the relationship I found out many lies I found out about contact with her ex, she would protect her cell phone, she would delete conversations, she has a kid and his dad was constantly trying to fight me, many times to avoid issues she would call it off with me then get back again and apologize..

- A year ago when I would want to call it off she would beg me and cry not too...
- A year later she claims to love me and is the one constantly telling me if i think she is lying to back off and leave, she has changed a lot.. doesn't seem to care even tho she says she loves me.. says goodbye in the most cold ways like she doesn't give it a second thought.

We broke up yesterday and of course it hurts me... we broke up over another lie of hers (a convo i found of hers and some guy friend online) and she easily accepted and blocked me on whatsapp... 24 hours later she unblocked me and changed her status that she is leaving the country...

Why did she unblock me for?
does she miss me?
Should I continue no contact?

I'm a forgiving person and of course I would like for things to work but also I don't know if it's the right thing to do for me to be the one to crawl back to her or not.


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  • Why do you care if she misses you? She's constantly lying and "talking" to other guys.
    You're being a fool. If you get back with her and she fucks out on you, you can literally only blame yourself. You are putting yourself through it, nobody is forcing you. If you don't wanna walk away from this, there's no point even asking for help from anybody. Just go walk off into a fake relationship and put it with her shit. What else? That's your two options. Walk away, or stay and get treated like a fool.

    • Thank you you are right.. more than anything just curious why she would block me and then unblock me 24 hours later if she doesn't want anything... seeing it from your point of view staying away would be best.. just curious to get a woman's opinion on why the blocking and unblocking is all :)

    • Is it really any different to before? Dumping you when she's in the wrong, then coming back when you calm down... It's just another version. Block you to make you upset she's gone, then unblock you and give you a little hope.
      She's a mind fuck, that's all.

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  • Dude, you're not a fool. This isn't your fault. You have been caught up in a toxic relationship. Only you can decide for yourself what is best and at the moment your head is a mess with emotion. Do your best to stick it out no contact for at least a month and try really hard to keep busy. Hopefully your head will clear up a bit and you can then decide what step to take next.

  • First of all why were you dating someone that you didn't trust? You said you were snooping around reading her messages, maybe she cheated and that's why you don't trust her but anyway lots of drama. I would not try to date her, I wouldn't wonder if she missed you, it sounds like you had a volatile relationship move on.


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