Do you sit on other guys' lap if you are married?

Let's just say in a social setting, you are mingling with other guys at a party.

I was recently at a golf tournament with my wife, and she was sitting on a guy's lap to pose for a picture. The space was very limited, and it was hard to get everyone on the picture. She did got off him when another guy left the seat to go to another table.

Is this acceptable? It was alright with me, until my friend made a great deal about this. It was an innocent thing to me, but I kinda feeling odd after my friends comment on it. Let's put it this way, do you girls only sit on guy you who you are interested sexually? can it be a innocent thing?

Spoke with wifey about this tonight, and it didn't go too well. She said I need to give her some space, and tell me not to be possessive...

How come there's no response from guys, is this forum mainly for girls?


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  • Generally the answer to your main question would be a big no. You don't sit on a guys lap if you are married. Sitting on a guys lap is a major flirting move and would be a pretty big come on. But in the situation you've described it sounds acceptable. I would look at how her body language and behavour towards him was while she was sitting on his lap. Were they looking each other in the eye? Paying each other attention? Or sort of looking away and facing away from each other as if a little uncomfortable with the physical closeness? That's the key question you want to ask...

    • Let me try to be non-bias, I remembered she was sitting side way on him, and he had his hands around her waist area. They were talking with the group, so the conversation weren't just between the two of them.

      I don't feel she's uncomfortable with the physical closeness, or why else would she sitting on his lap after the picture posting. I don't see obvious signs of flirting, such as hitting him or kinky things she does to me.

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  • probably because the title of your question is "Do you sit on other guys' lap if you are married?". it's not really gonna draw the guys in, they probably just think it's a girl question

  • no that is disrespectful! it just doesn't look right. if I were married I would only be sitting on my husbands lap, not a random guy's. the situation you described doesn't sound all that bad, but it gives a bad connotation and doesn't look right. if you see other signs of her doing stuff like that, then its something to worry about

  • In the situation you have described, it is not a big deal. As you said, there was limited space, you were present, and the atmosphere was probably pretty light-hearted, with people joking around. I would not be worried at all if I were you. Even if your grandmother had been there, this would be OK! It is fine to joke about this stuff when people know that your wife is with you.

    If your wife does this at bars, or where there is plenty of seating, or anytime people aren't joking around, you should worry.

    Don't let your friends ruin the trust you obviously have for your wife. There are insecure guys out there who like creating drama to mark their "territory". For women, those guys are not fun to be around. Don't turn into one of those guys.

    • Thanks, yeah I was a little uncomfortable when my friend seemed to make a big deal out of it. But I did forgot to mention, she continued to sit on his lap after picture for another 15 minute or so until a seat was open... I want to talk to her about it, but I don't want to make something so lighthearted into something else entirely....

    • I don't blame you for feeling a little uneasy about this--it's natural to feel jealous--but I still wouldn't worry. If there wasn't a seat open and the atmosphere was light-hearted, it's OK. Of course, you don't want your wife doing this kind of thing a lot. If she does it again, say something, but for now don't worry. It isn't good for you to feel uneasy though. I would make it into a joke. Next time you're watching tv, tell her, "come sit on my lap for a change!". Then she'll know you noticed!

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