Why does my ex want to compete with me in everything? Do you have any ex who is like this?

We broke up due to incompatibility and it was mutual. I'm 24 and he's 28. I live by my own and he lives with his parents. Both of us have cars and earn good money. For some unknown reasons, once in a while he will text and pretend to ask about my life. It's like he wants to know what's going on with me. He will ask something like "so how's your work and how much you make this year?" or "Are you planning to buy a house/new car?"

He also seems annoyed when he found that my new boyfriend is someone who can be considered as successful. Why would he sounds so competitive? Is he holding a grudge over me?
*why does he sound so competitive


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  • Sounds like it , no guy wants to hear about their exes having a better life than them

    • Exactly, the best revenge, is living your life to the fullest. People can report you for doing illegal things after break ups which would only get you in trouble. The best way to get over a break up is just to simply keep living your life. That's all you can do

    • I agree

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  • I always wanted to know why people tell their material aspect such as cars and good job; it doesn't change the dynamic of your love predicament.


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  • Unresolved issues. He feels the need to be better than you. He's obviously taken the breakup bitterly and now wants to be better than you. He can't stand you living a better/happier life.

    Maybe talk to him about it?

  • I don't know why, he obviously has some psychology that needs to be recognized and dealt with. I think seems less like he's competing, but rather hoping that the "one he let get away" isn't thriving, probably because he's not really. At least emotionally.

    But I have a question for you, with most genuine respect and interest in your situation, why do you care? Like, why are you asking this question, why does what he's doing or who he is bother you still, even after you've broken up and you've moved on to a new boyfriend? Also, why do you even bother to acknowledge/communicate with him?


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