Will he ever be mine again?

I have known my boyfreind for 10 years now. We have dated back then for about 2 years and went through not a great breakup, but kept intouch. We both had other relationships and somehow managed to start dating each other again just recently (August). He has a number of issues from being deployed PTSD, Bi-polar etc. He is also currently not working and struggling to find a job. For almost the past year I have been paying for basically everything which i dont mind because i know he will eventually find a job and get back on his feet. He broke up with me a few weeks ago telling me he needs to do him and get his life in order. He feels like he is a complete failure due to lack of job and me paying. He says that this might be the worst disision to do but its something he has to do. I dont why he has to do this when things will get better eventually. I am trying to give him his time and let him do his own thing like hang with his freinds etc since we were together just about every day. Its very hard to not be with him. He is my person and I want to plan a future with him. I need some help as to what people think he will do. Will we ever get back together? Mind you I still see him occassionally and talk to him daily. He won't be jobless forever and things will eventually get better. His family and freinds think he is dumb for what he did and forsee no one else putting up with his crap. We also went through something life changing back a few months, and had to deal with it. Will I ever be able to call him mine again?
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I want to say the same thing, but in my heart i dont know whats going on. I do believe he does need his life in order but i also believe he could have done that with me by his side. It was not only me whom he had told this to as the reason for us not being together it was a few people as well , which makes me think that he could be telling the truth. I guess i will just have to see.
Will he ever be mine again?
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