Do beautiful women get especially shocked and insulted when they are dumped?

I dated a gorgeous woman last year. But, I ended things because I thought she was too much of a princess for me. She is not a bad person at all. I just think that because of her background (she grew upper middle class while I was lower middle class) and her very above average looks, she has certain expectations from men.

I tried to end things as humanely as possible, in person and over dinner.

I've also tried to remain amicable as we share a mutual friend and sometimes run into each other. Even though she has pulled some silly stunts like show up to places where I am with dates or flirting with guys in front of me, I've maintained the high ground throughout.

I don't think this is a woman who is used to getting dumped. When we started dating, she told me that she was the one who almost always breaks up with guys (not a smart thing to tell someone at the start of a relationship, in my opinion). She also told me that all her three serious exes keep in touch with her (presumably to try to get her back). I've also heard a similar thing from another ex. It is precisely because I don't want to be like these other exes that I never keep in touch with my own exes.

Anyway, some friends think my ex wants to get back with me and that her antics are proof of that. However, I am not sure if this is the case. Perhpas it is simply that she can't believe someone dumped her and wants to lure me back so she can hurt me later.

Do most women, especially very attractive women, usually the ones who are accustomed to doing the dumping? Do they also expect the exes to keep in touch and/or keep in touch regardless of who does the dumping

If women are the ones who do most of the dumping, is it a total shock when a guy does and does not crawl back? Is this especially true when the woman involved is gorgeous? I mean my ex is a women who gets hit on all the time. Yet, she pull


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  • I've been told a lot I have above average looks and I had never been dumped before until a guy finally dumped me because he wasn't ready for a relationship so I'm not gonna lie I purposely went out of my way to make him jealous without really having to try and what do you know he came back. I didn't take him back but yes truthfully my ego was hurt when dumped and him coming back made it better haha

    • ha ha... thanks for very much for your honesty. Your response helped shape my future actions.

    • (: good luck I wouldn't play into it if I were you!

    • Thanks. I think I will continue to "kill her with kindness". When she first broke up with me, she sent me all kinds of viles text messages. I never stooped so low. I simply told her that I was sorry she felt so negatively about me.

      Likewise when she pulled stunts with other guys or ignored. I've always matained my dignity. I'll continue to be cordial with her, but won't go over the top or out of my way for her.

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  • Yes, because they are used to thinking that they are the catch a gift to men. I've had very attractive girls chase me and go crazy over me because I wasn't giving them the attention that other guys gave them. It's a huge hit to their ego if you dump them.

    • ha ha.. thanks... do you eventually give them attention or keep ignoring?

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    • People want what they can't have. It's a fact, especially amongst beautiful women since they are used to getting attention and what they want. Does she want revenge? Maybe. Does she want you back? Maybe. Is she curious as to why dumped/won't chase her? Most likely. I think the only way to figure out her intentions is to back way a little and see what she does. Pay more attention to her actions and less to her words.

    • Yes, I like that strategy because it doesn't involve me chasing her and possibly falling on my face.


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  • I had a friend who was very attractive, and beautiful. She was shocked one time she was dumped. But now I think she is more strong. I guess I want to say if a beautiful girl has experience being dumped she stops being shocked.

  • Yeah many do. I heard a guy say your crazy gorgeous but too negative personality wise


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  • I think it is a blow to anyone's ego if you are in a relationship with someone and they dump you. I don't think that it has so much to do with really beautiful people, it has more so to do with the person themselves.

    A person who is really competitive and views their relationship much like a sport... I win at everything and I am perfect would obviously take it differently then a person that is more laid back and chalks it up to... I am just as happy on my own! See ya!

  • I'm thinking if you dumb a hot girl without much of an explanation then she will probably continue to pursue you. Mainly cause she's wondering what she did wrong and why she wasn't good enough. Even though she can easily go out with any other guy.

    • Yes, my buddy speculated the same thing. That she is acting the way she is because she wondering what went wrong.


  • I would think that most of them do...


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