My Ex boyfriend won't pick up his mail?

My ex broke up with me a month ago.. moved out of my house 4 months ago. I had to threaten to call the cops on him to pick up his belongings that were in my storage unit that 'I' paid for after he moved out. Note: I had none of my belongings in the storage unit, it was mine with his belongings inside. He's been getting mail here for the past month in a half. I've tried contacting him. I sent him his mail the first time to his mother. I texted him and told him to come pick up his mail or do I need to send it to his mother again so he doesn't have to see me. He said, "No. I want to say hi." Well, he never showed. A week later, I told him his mail was on the table outside on the patio, that I wouldn't be home, he can grab it and not see me. He never picked it up. I told him again just yesterday (these are pretty important paperwork) and he basically said "I have nothing. No home, no nothing. Sorry my life is a mess." I have the choice of returning to sender, but to be quite honest, I'm not entirely sure why someone would not come pick up their mail, especially when it is important? It boggles my mind that someone would just things like this go. (Note - We were together for 2 years. When we first broke up, he left a lot of his stuff at my place and ended up coming back after a month in a half)


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  • he's playing to "woe is me" card. just stick it back in the post and return to sender. Its no longer your problem.

    He's counting on your sympathy so that you will see him again


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  • Send it to mom and then take a trip to the post office and put his Mother's Address as his New Address so you can move on and finally end this madness.
    It's Obvious he is not coming over and if he told you "I have nothing. No home, no nothing. Sorry my life is a mess." He is either tugging on your heart strings like he probably did before or really is a... mess.
    Don't put yourself through what looks like a full circle problem pattern again here, dear. It sounds like you meant business this time so stick to your guns, Annie get your gun and tell him you are your own sheriff now and get on his horse and collect his own mail now at mom's... he had his chance with any "Hi" or even romance and you are not his pony express now.
    Good luck. xx

    • Best answer, ever. He did this to me the first time we broke up. He moved out, then started to say how he had nothing. Just like he is doing this time. Except this time I'm not playing into the sympathy. He thought the grass was greener on the other side. He wanted his freedom, etc; He made his bed, now he has to lay in it. The fact that he wanted to come say hi after he told me "I never want to see you again" and driving by my house with his friend after picking up his belongings, while revving up their engines and laughing at me, has been thrown out the window. I went through my depression phase and the missing him. I did everything for this man. He's almost 40. I helped him with his child support because the amount he was paying was insanely high, now he doesn't even pay it. He's clearly irresponsible.

    • Thank you, sweetie, and wow, thank you too for more info... I see that with a 40 year old man, still wet behind the ears in years, that he is immature, is in this full circle pattern to do it again and is Not ready for a Real Relationship and may never be.. just s problem child going down a beaten path and now as you see again, War of theRoses.. he won't change and good to see a gal with a great head on her shoulders and smart enough now to ride off into the sunset... don't play into his hands, move on and keep moving, sweetie... enjoy your weekend and you definitely did the right thing...
      Yes, always thinking the grass is greener, keeping you even in their back pocket for when it gets mowed down. xxoo

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  • You seem to be being very dramatic and impatient. Calling the cops? Really‚Ķ? -_- Seriously. Lol
    If you know any of his family or friends, give the mail to them and ask them if they will deliver it to your ex seeing as they are important documents.

    • Let me reiterate. The reason why I threatened the cops was only because he was trying to throw me in jail if I tried to remove his belongings from my garage unit. Thus, I said I was going to call the cops to keep the peace in order to let him know I was serious about the situation.

    • Ohhh okay, see now that makes more sense. I thought you meant you threatened to call the cops because you were sick of seeing his mail lol In that situation, that move makes sense.

    • But yeah, best bet is to get a hold of one of his friends or family members and ask them if they would be willing to pick up his belongings.

  • he wants to have his stuff there.


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