Why does my ex get jealous when I go clubbing and talking to guys, he comes up to me and causes trouble all the time :(?

He is the one that left me , it happens all the time. On Saturday he raced at the guy and grabbed him , when me and him dont even speak anymore
Why does he do it, im pretty sure he doesn't want me back so why


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  • He's an immature control freak that wants what he no longer has. He feels a sense of ownership over you, and even though he broke up with you, he doesn't like the thought of other men having what he had.

    He sounds like a real jerk off, and it might be a good idea to avoid going clubbing at the same spots he frequents. It's a shame you have to do that, but it's best to just try and avoid him, as he's going to run off anyone interested in you that's wanting to hang out. Or, the person you're with might end up kicking his head into oblivion, which would serve him right.

    But, it's best to just keep your distance and find other places to enjoy your nights out. And if he doesn't stop and you feel threatened in any way, then talk to the authorities and see what your options are, because he could be dangerous; especially if he's been drinking or is on any kind of drug.

    • My town is really small and only has 4 or 5 small clubs right next to each other so most of the time i bump into him i have messaged him on facebook about it and said it is because he still has 'feelings' which sounds stupid if he did why did he leave!

    • That's a legitimate question you asked him, and he's full of shit. He obviously still has feelings, because if he didn't he'd want to avoid you.

      Well, it's going to be hard not to see him around, but you could ask him to leave you alone and grow up. You can't let him run your life and intervene with someone new you're interested in dating.

      Just be firm and remind him he's the one who ended things, and now he needs to go f-off, because you don't want him around you anymore. He doesn't own you and you owe him nothing. If he tries to get physical with the next guy you're with, I'm sure you'll have plenty of witnesses, so report him and if you have to, get a restraining order against him. It's ridiculous you have to do that, but a drunk, possessive and controlling asshole could be dangerous. And like I said, not to many men are interested in dating someone with a deranged ex that's still in their life.

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