What does my ex-boyfriend (a player) want?

I was in short relationship with a guy who is a player, that time I didn't know that because he told me that he is tired of other girls I am nice and pretty girl he want to be with me and settle down...He told me very nice things having family etc blah blah..Then after a month he broke up because I didn't want have sex with him...I tried a year to get him back because I really loved him and I tried so hard to be friend with his family and they like me...But he was playing hard he didn't pay me attention and he believed his friends when they talk sh*t about me...And I felt like I was a stupid he didn't even say hello..

but now after those all he calls me every time and we have a great time together we have met many times went to coffee and so one...But he talks too much sh*t bout his ex-friends and ex-girls that they are bitches bla bla... What does he want from me now? He has a girlfriend but he told me that she he is not that one he is just having fun with girls he doesn't hurry because he doesn't want to get married yet...He is honest and tells me everything what he does and what he has done with girls...

I am so confused I don't know what to do...He knows a lot of problems but I really like him and enjoy having time with him but I am afraid that he tries to find out something bad about me to talk sh*t...But if I he is not interested in me so why he want to meet me? Because it is safe with me and he has lost his best friends and need someone good to talk with? Or what does he want ? Tell me please!ex-

i thought to sit down and talk to him about my feelings and ask him about this all what does he want ... or what do you think? is that the best way to find out what he wants or should I just forget everything about him ?


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  • seriously this guy sounds like a complete douche bag. You shouldnt put up with this kind of stuff. He obviously doesn't care for you. He lied to your face when he told you all that stuff. He wanted to sound like a genuine guy just to get in your pants. You deserve a lot better. You sound like a very honest and caring person and you should find someone similar. This guy is garbage so move on. tough love.

    • Yes you are right..i am too good to see his bad side but mayeb it is because I really do care about him and can't understand his behave.... he couldn't not to care and say hello like before...but why now? why he wants to meet up and come to me and says to me that I should go to his famly often.does he think that he want to play with others but want toe keep me as friend and know me better and someday in the future when he wants to settel down and make family so he want that be me?

    • Yea maybe he doesn't want to keep you around. Its a perfect plan for a guy who likes to sleep around. You shouldnt wait around for him you deserve a lot better. You have you own plans and goals in like and none of them should revolve around this pathetic guy. get as far away from his as possible. Its for your own good. This guy is trash

What Girls Said 1

  • Aha, well here it is.

    This guy is an asshole! he is just playing You just like those other gurls, he has tried to get in your pants before, it didn't work, so basicly he is just trying to be ''the nice guy'' 'and whatever just to get in your pants.

    I believe if the guy I like or whoever is talking sh*t about other gurls then someday he will be talking about Me to whoever so don't trust this guy.

    I know I know you like him and he is so charming,nice and you have feelings for him. but if you re willing to be played with like a yo yo then yeah continue on going out with him.

    i know now you re saying then I will just go out with him and I will never let him have what he wants, but believe me, He will find a way to do that.

    o if you don't mind talking to this guy knowing that all he seeks is what's underneath your panties then ok, if not then, run the other way and don't believe anything he says!

    Or you could have a little risky game on him and see how long he could last before he shows his true colors! and go Ha Ha the game is on You Mr! but that's waaay too risky when you already like the guy so forget about this one!

    just RUN

    • I really want to run and cut everythings about him just wanna run so far there I never hear about him or see him it would be so easy, my life has been around him and his family now for a year ...i love my life everything is just so fine and I have everythings I need but only this guy makes me feel so bad because when I see him and talk to him he can be s amazing nice and we have fun so I forget about everything else :(how is the best way to find out if I am just a friend for him or more?ask him?

    • Do you wanna get hurt? you could ask him but that isn't a good idea because he could lie about it and make you believe that you re not just his girlfriend you re the one! and he is obviously playing you dear just turn ur back on this and let go !

      You don't need him you re better off without him believe me!!! I've been in this situation befor eu re gunna wait forever anf forever untill you actually lose hope and be miserable! all you have to do is cut him slowly and one day once and for all.

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