Do ex girlfriends come back?

i know there are a lot of questions around "my ex boyfriend fell out of love and we broke up, will he come back?" but I couldn't find a single story of a girl who fell out of love and wants to come back to her

my ex girlfriend fell out of love, we haven't talked for 4 months, she doesn't say anything on Facebook or to friends about missing me or being sad, just random stuff like "i love this cold weather" I really doubt that she misses me or even thinks about me but...

have you girls ever fallen out of love, then realized later that you want him back? how long did it take you? please, share your story :-) I just want a little hope...

oh yes, she said she wanted to be friend, but I told her I just can't handle that, which is why we haven't spoken, but we ended on friendly terms, and no I didn't do anything like cheat on her, and we NEVER argued...all this was out of the blue...
oh yes, and I know for a fact...100% sure she wasn't cheating or even talking to another guy


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  • I just posted this on another question, but it's really 50/50 and there are no guarantees. I've heard that it's more common for a guy to dump a girl and come back than the other way around, but I do not agree. It all depends on situations and factors involved, not just the gender. Now that doesn't mean male and females don't process things different. It may take a woman longer to realize or regain those feelings and come back, but it's not like it doesn't happen.

    My ex broke up with me pretty much out of the blue, but once I was honest with myself I saw the warning signs. Not so much that it was over, but what I was doing to cause her to feel the way she did. I see my faults, but again she never really sat down and talked to me about it either which is her fault.

    The best advice is to move on FOR NOW. Everyone hates to be told to move on, but it's best. If you move on it gives her time away to reflect, do what she wants with whoever she wants and if what you had was special she'll feel the void eventually. If she doesn't then she probably never loved you as much as she thought she did. In that case you've moved on, it doesn't hurt anymore and you can find someone new. It's really win-win.

    • Completely agree....and I'm trying to do that, but it's just kinda discouraging when you look on sites like this and you never hear of any stories that turn out good ya know?

    • I hear ya. You have to realize though that when people DO get back together, they probably leave websites like this and are off happy living their lives. This is another great site that has a lot of success stories and advice.

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  • she is probably still thinking about you. it might take her a while to fully realize what she is missing out on. just do what you need to do like hang out with your friends and stuff but maybe try to keep the communication open? if you want to you know. i broke up with my boyfriend and although we had not talked for 3 months, i really miss him everyday but i dont have the balls to tell him or initiate contact.


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  • Hey, How long were you togther? What do you mean by out of the blue, there must of been signs? Did she not talk about it with you? Why she was ending things?

    • We were together a year and a half, and when I mean out of the blue, I mean, one week we were hanging out and laughing and she was saying how she loved me so much, and then within a week, she said "i don't love you anymore"....she didn't give any signs, or try to talk about anything...after she told me that, she tryed staying with me for 2 more months, and she was saying how it was just a phase and that she did love me, but in the end, she was lieing about it for the last two months...

  • Me and my girlfriend were together for 5 years we had a solid relationship, travelled the world together and done some amazing things. For the 5 years we had we lived together for 2 and a half. Towards the end admittedly it started to get a bit boring a bit routine and I should have seen the warning signs before. We just about to go on holiday and she said if weren't going on holiday we wouldn't be together right now, that hurt. So I tried my hardest that week before holiday to be there cook her dinner and generally do things for her. We went away and had a good time, but she blew completely hot and cold with me. We came back and decided to have a break and through reading these forums I realised I was doing everything wrong begging, pleading all the things they say not to do. Then got made official that we split and she wanted to remain friends of which I said I couldn't do, but because she was giving me mixed signals saying she don't know what she wants, don't know if she wants a relationship or any commitments, so I hung around a tried to get her to change her mind obviously that didn't work. Ultimately since one of her single mates came on the scene after a break up of her own my ex girlfriend being a nice person decided to take her out cheer her up and it got to the point that she went out all the time and can't help but feel this girl was a bad influence, everything she done and said to people during this got fed back to me and I think she's seeing someone else as I had my suspicions anyway prior to our holiday. We did have a little dog between us aswell which gets sorted through parents as it helps to see him and she wants me to see him also. I have done no contact for about a week now and I'm starting to feel a bit weak and I just want to hear from her. Ultimatley I want to win her back and have us back together again, as we was a really strong couple and the poor excuses she gave thought was nothing that couldn't be worked on. Has she got GIGS or rebound relationship? What can I do to get her back?


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