What does it mean when a guy says this?

Okay so I'm 6 months pregnant. My child's father left at the very beginning. I asked him if he wanted to work things out just about a month ago and it seemed like everything was going well and we were getting along. Then one day I told him he needs to decide what he wants to do because I need to know where we stand because if not u need to move on with my life. He says why do you have someone else? I said no. I just need to move on with my life. So this past Saturday he calls me and we start arguing about what, I don't even know. Then he sends me a text saying "I'm sorry I flipped out. Just leave me alone for now. I just need time to think and figure things out." I didn't answer. I've given him his space. he told a friend of his that he wants to work things out with me but hasn't really done much to show that. He still wears the ring that I gave him too. Told me he misses and still loves me. Still looks at me like he's in love with me too and I'm not the only one who can see it. Our co workers can too. He's never been one to say things without thinking them through first. And I don't believe you a man can fake the way he looks at a woman esp if he's still in love with her. At least I've never seen it happen. Eyes are the way to the heart. Eyes don't lie. But, I haven't talked to him or seen him even at work really since Saturday 8/1. He's tried calling after that but that was to try and argue about what I don't know. U told him I don't have time for this and hung up on him because I was at work. So in other words what does it mean when a guy says that a guy says "im sorry I flipped out. Just leave me alone for now. I need time to think and figure things out"? Please help. Thank you.


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  • Obviously you stressed the hell out of him imposing a deadline for him to do something fatherly/husband-like and this is the root of arguments. Even though you are correct stating your needs (obvious to the world, if not him) he's not moving, regardless of deadlines, his feet are in concrete. Now he fears losing you (no mention of the kid) and crys like a baby to you when at work/other places... boohoo, poor him.

    Agreed he loves you, thinks he would die if he lost you, begs you to keep him and things "as is" but... please tell us what IS this concrete that traps his feet from moving into his father/husband/lover role? Is it all in his mind?

    • MHO - thanks
      but really an update or answer to my Q on concrete would be more satisfying
      blessings to your trials that hopefully will end in happiness

    • Honestly, I would love to give you an answer to your question. However, I can't because I don't have one.

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  • It means exactly what he said. Men aren't complex creatures


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