What does it mean when a guy says this?

I’ve been talking to this guy since mid June and I noticed we have some things in common. Also because of recent and past trauma with guys I’m being more cautious a-swell as being careful of what I say. We started talking about y’know measurements. Like the waist mostly before that I brought up jeans because I recently got a job as a server at a Mexican Restaurant and new jeans that are snug on me, I sent him a pic. Thats when the conversation was brought up. Then I rambled on how I talked about where I don’t get complimented by my looks or that I don’t wear any revealing clothing because I don’t have 100% confidence to show off so I wear baggy or regular clothing.

Then he asked me if I “dress up myself a-lot” I didn’t know what he meant at first and I thought he meant like wearing spiffy clothing but what he meant “like you take like maybe 30 minutes to get ready in the morning” I said yes but sometimes longer or if I overthink what am I about to wear.
“i haven’t seen you in person to form my own opinion but i think worrying about being approached. might be worse” and I asked “approached how?” Then he said “like to tell you you’re cute”

“Thank you and I don’t mind”

“tbh i haven’t seen you in person so i’m not gonna say anything yet, and you haven’t seen me either”(I forgot to point out we both go to the same college)

“I mean we can…idk hangout when the time comes? If you’d like that. I don’t want to come off as weird”
He said it was fine that it wasn’t weird, I thought to compliment him back to tell him he’s cute but I must’ve misunderstood the situation.

“tbh i wasn’t outright saying you were cute when i said that, since i haven’t met you, but you do look attractive. i was saying it’s not very common for people to approach you and tell you you’re cute in the first place so try not to dote on it”

then I apologized he said
“You’re good. i just didn’t want to commit yet since we’ve never even met i thought it would be responsible.”

What does he mean?
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What does it mean when a guy says this?
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