Why did my ex boyfriend block and unblock me?

I dated this guy for almost 3 years. In the middle of our relationship we lived together (about a year and half of our relationship).. so it was pretty serious. the only reason we stopped living 2gether had to do with bills, not because we were "drifting" apart. Our relationship was crazy... it was fun, intense, emotional, and sex was great! It was like we had a crazy sexual connection to each other and very intense love.

anyway... of course that stuff fades.. but we still had it going on even after 3 years! until... in September (3 months ago) I found out he cheated on me with my best friend of 10 years when they were drunk. we had our fights just like any other couple, but this came out of left field for me.. and then he finally confessed, treated me like crap, and left me 4,000 dollars in debt with our old bills together. then he blocked me on all social networking sites, friends requested all of my enemies and all his ex girlfriends, moved a town away (still same distance from me tho), and I haven't talked to him since the day he told me he f***ed my best friend. I haven't talked to her either. anyway... just yesterday I noticed that he had unblocked me from Facebook. he left a comment underneath one of my comments on a mutual friends page, so of course I get an email saying that he commented underneath mine. that is how I i found out he unblocked me. its been like 3 months since all of this crap happened... I'm just wondering if you guys think perhaps he is feeling guilty or is waiting for me to message him (trust me, I'm not gonna do that, I have respect for myself and don't even have love left for him). it would b nice to get some closure.. but I'm not hanging on to that dream. anyway, what is everyone's take on why he unblocked me all of a sudden 3 months later? obviously he still thinks about me if he has decided to unblock me after a few months... perhaps he just doesn't care to have me blocked anymore? Also, why do you think he blocked me to begin with? I wasn't even trying to contact him. anyway, I just was curious cause he did so much damage to my heart and completely changed me and my life. hardest thing I ever went through.


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  • He likely blocked you in the first place as part of some symbolic or emotional symbol... forgot about it... then later needed to add a comment somewhere, or SOMETHING that needed you to be unblocked... he then realized it was not a big deal, so left it unblocked. or... something else. ;)

    you seem to be over him anyway... so don't take it as any "sign" or anything... continue to move on without him.

    • Lol he didn't need to "unblock" me to add a comment. he couldve left me blocked for years and it wouldn't interfere with anything he does online. but anyway, thanx. sumtimes it would b nice 2 think that maybe he unblocked me cause he feels bad, but ur rite he probably doesn't!! 3 years doesn't mean sh*t to people anymore lol

  • Weird I have my ex block and don't plan to unblock her, I even block her family. And when she text I ignored them. Maybe he's felling lonely or wants to know if you have move on(have a boyfriend, men whatever you want to call it.) I think that's probably it.


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