How do you end an affair with someone your in love with?

I've been in A situation for over 3 years now, im in love with the guy but he has a girlfriend & child.
We started off as just friends then one thing led to another and it became sexual. Its been on and off and its come to the point i do not know what to do, i tried millions of times to cut him off or just remain friends but somehow we always end up back in the affair. Now i love him to bits and really would prefer to just being friends as he has a family but how do you get someone who constantly says he loves you but just can't give you the relationship you want to just be friends so we can continue to be in each others lives.

Especially as his girlfriend knows about me, just don't know the extent of our 'friendship' or just turning a blind eye to it.

Like its crazy because i was the innocent party in this, never knew about the family until he had a little melt down, he girlfriend was pregnant and he managed to fall in love with me. I didn't know what to do apart from run i. e why we have been going back and forth

But i really would like some advise on what to do
How do you end an affair with someone your in love with?
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