Why did my ex unblock me three days after without a word?

A little background: last Friday I wen out, got drunk and was kissed by one of my guy friends (he initiated and I backed off after a few seconds). I called my boyfriend the day after to tell him because I felt he had to know and he immediately said I should return the flight I had to visit him (we have been in LDR for about 4 months and together for more than 2 years) and blocked me on telegram, whatsapp and facebook.

He usually reacts very strong and radical when he is hurt and I totally understand that in this situation but usually when logic kicks in he rethinks things and usually comes back. But that day he blocked me I send him an sms to apologize again and that and he unblocked me from telegram (where we usually talk through) and a while later in facebook (which i guess was to check who the friend was), but not on whatsapp where we talk too sometimes. We talked through telegram and on Monday he didn't answer anymore so I thought I give him time and it has been until today were he hasn't said a word, but yesterday he unblocked me from whatsapp. Can this have some kind of meaning or why would he take the effort to do that if we are not talkin? :/


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  • He's probably too prideful to make the first move and wants you to chase after him and initiate any lines of communication.

    It's getting to the point where his behaviour is unacceptable and his victim mentality is masking a manipulative streak.


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  • He wants you to continue to have the ability to apologize.

    • But we usually talk more through telegram than whatsapp, it makes like no sense

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    • I know, but he did unblock me there and on facebook to talk which we did but still didn't unblock me from whatsapp, that happened yesterday

    • are you having a hard time understanding what I said? As you've said, He's unblocked you. You need to reread my initial comment.

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