My ex boyfriend unblocked me after a week? Why?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago due to misunderstandings. After 2.5 months of nc I reached out to clear everything, to which he said he's moved on and I should too. I tried to reason him and he called me names and it got ugly real quick and he blocks me on whatsapp. After a week he unblocked me. Why? When he said it himself he's moved on he could've kept me blocked right? Why unblock me? Does it mean he wants to talk again?
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He said a lot of mean things to me during our last conversation and so did I. It was very very ugly. But after he unblocked me he started posting a lot of pics of him traveling all around different states. I thought he was being petty rubbing it in my face so I blocked him on all social media. Since I blocked him he stopped posting. Should I unblock him? Does he want to talk? Should I reach out again? What do I do? I really love him..
My ex boyfriend unblocked me after a week? Why?
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