Ex-boyfriend unblocked me, what does this mean?

So today, I discovered that my ex-boyfriend must have unblocked me from Facebook because he appeared on the "people you may know," and he wouldn't have showed up if I were still blocked. I didn't click on his name but I was shocked to see it...Happy and confused.

We've been broken up now for about 7 months and haven't talked face to face since June, which was the last time we were together...we go to the same college, but whenever we see each other we try not to acknowledge...I do it because I still really care about him, and don't want to hear, or see him because it makes my heart ache...But whenever he sees me at dinner, he'll hurry up and eat and leave...If I'm putting my food away or working in the kitchen at school (it's my job on campus) he won't put his dishes away, but have someone else do it.

Also, a few days ago, I decided not to go to dinner but eat at the snackbar with my friend around the time I knew he'd have already eaten (not because I'm a stalker but I spent all last year with him, I know his eating habits and sleeping habits, because I was always with him...Everyday and night) ...well, he ends up walking out of the cafe and I could hear him, but when he saw me...(my friend told me this, my back was turned to him) he stopped talking...they left, but like 3 min later came back in to order from snackbar...but he didn't acknowledge my existence...I quickly left, I felt so sick.

I saw him today, at dinner, he left the cafe before I did...with another girl, I tried not to think to much about it...but I couldn't help looking at him and when I did, he was looking at me as well...I then promptly left after waiting about 5 min, but when I got outside they were just a few feet (maybe about 14) away from me...I guess he turned and saw me and then grew really loud to where I could hear him...I'm not sure what any of this means, I don't want to get my hopes up that he cares about me, because if he doesn't I'll be hurt.

Btw, I'm 19, and he's 20.

Guys, in your opinion...what does it mean when you unblock your ex-girlfriend when you've not made contact with her in 7 months, under the circumstances I just mentioned?

Sorry it's so long...
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Oh, I just realized the other girl was just his friend, and she's engaged so I guess she doesn't really matter...
Ex-boyfriend unblocked me, what does this mean?
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