I had a moment of weakness and texted my ex... should I write again to let them know?

He has been chasing me for pretty much a whole year. I finally agreed to a reationship which lasted two weeks, he was needy and obligated me with tantrums to go to all of his band gigs to a point that I found exhausting. So I ended that 4 months ago.

He has been chasing me ever since, and I have explained that I can't date him as he showed no indication that he would change his ways. I have become very attached to him throughout the year... I couldn't commit with his attitude, but he just wouldn't go away, and not having the heart to block him he pretty much forced his way into my heart.

6 days ago he texted me that he was finished with me and blocked me from replying. Today I had terrible withdrawals and started to think that I would take the relationship as he had been offering it as I felt I couldn't bear losing him. I emailed him, explaining that I would only message once, but I wanted to be his girlfriend. He hasn't replied although I have every reason to believe he has read it.
I also recognise now that it was a mistake, so I don't want to plant the seed in his head in case he caves and the whole thing starts again. Should I write one more time and tell him to ignore the first?
Now I feel annoyed at myself for flattering him because to be honest, he has been a jerk for sometime with his guilt/obligation manipulations, interrupting me with these whilst I was studying for exams. I think he will be gloating that he got the last laugh in that I wrote to him asking for a relationship. If he contacts me back I'm not sure I have the nerve to break the cycle, for some reason I can't do it. I realised I will probably cop a fair bit of crap about this post, but I'm just telling it as it is.


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  • Hello! I think you should see if he approaches you, and if he does, tell him it was a mistake, even better if you already have a new boyfriend by then. If you email him again, he'll think you're telling him to ignore the first because he didn't reply you. Good luck!

    • Thanks! Simple, yet good advice. I think I'm feeling a bit egotistical. But it's only been 6 days, it's ok for me to slip up that soon isn't it? I mean, it's not like I messaged him a month later, 6 days it is normal and I think we are both hurting.

    • You're welcome, and don't woorry, you're good! <3

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