I blocked him on everything, how soon is it to unblock him?

I have been on & off with this guy for a while now, we both love each other and he has changed his mind about when he's ready to be with me a few times now. we are both in our twenties so we're trying to figure things out for ourselves, but I got mad at him changing his mind so i blocked him on all social media and said we can never be together. i do love him and want to be with him when he's ready so i regret saying that, and i just want to be civil. I do not want to say anything since its still so new and want to give it time and each other space, but should i unblock him or try to get over it?


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  • doesn't seem like your over the fight yet I would wait.


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  • Stop playing games. Your decision to block him on everything seems like an act of manipulation. Blocking someone because you got mad yet having full intentions of keeping them invited and included into your life later on is tacky, careless, and immature.

    What exactly do you want here? Do you even know?


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  • Move on. This relationship does not sound like was meant to be and you do not seem like you are ready for a serious relationship.

  • Wait at least 8 months or never.

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