Why do people ghost on each other?

I was seeing someone for a couple months, we had a lot of fun and we were intimate. He got a new job which made his schedule pretty brutal and it especially did not work with mine. However, after that happened he just completely ghosted on me. He seemed like a nice mature guy that would at least be nice about it, not that it is better he could have just faded instead. If he didn't want to hang out he could just use his schedule as an excuse or something and respond to my texts and be brief instead of completely ignoring me!! I am so angry. We also have a couple mutual friends and he likes to come to the restaurant I work at! I know it is always shocking and catches you off guard, but this one really did. I thought we had a strong enough friendship that he wouldn't just completely dispose of me. I feel like if you have hung out a lot of times and/or were intimate you can't just disappear on someone. How do I deal with this? I am so hurt and angry.
Why do people ghost on each other?
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