Should I confront her or ignore her?

I am really unsure,

I had fallen in love with a co-worker...

I asked her out to get rejected, but it still seemed like she was interested after that... She never even told me about her relationship... So I feel like she used me for attention...

So I got over her, but she is now single... Which really confused me...

So a few months later, we were texting and I got into it a bit... and she said we are friends...

So I never really talked after that ( About a year)... and now things are starting to get tense between us at work... We are working the same shift and have to see/interact with each other more... I feel very anxious at work all the time...

I am not sure if I should talk to her about her misleading me, and wanting to fix/repair a friendship...

Or I should just keep ignoring her...

I know she doesn't like me, and I know we wouldn't make a good match... but I guess I want closure?

If I do start talking to her, she flirts a lot... That's just her thing... but it ends up hurting because she puts thoughts in my head ( Doing things together etc.)

The second problem is I don't talk to her, so If I wanted to talk I would have to meet talk to her at work in person ( Which I feel it's the wrong place and I don't get a good chance)


Text ( More comfortable, but I can't see her emotion)

Should I confront her, discuss feelings, get closure? or ignore her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You already have closure when she did what she did. Because the more you become obsessed with it, it's going to make you sick. Don't bother, ignore her and let her go. She just wants to play games with your mind, and make you feel like your under her control however way she wants to play it. She is not being serious with you, and ask yourself this: Do you really want to date a woman who acts like that? Because if she was serious about you, she wouldn't be doing that with other men, and you two would have hit it off way before now.


Most Helpful Guy

  • In the EXACT same situation but way more drama. I'm on ignore mode as she's shady and her true nature is coming out and everyone sees it. I'm playing indifferent and letting her hang herself by her own rope. 'SILENCE IS GOLDEN' so let her talk away, but I'm keeping my mouth shut. Why confront her as it just let's her know that she got to you and she's important enough to obsess over. Also, you're feelings don't matter to her or you wouldn't be in this situation right? Closure, from what? Her messing and leading you on, thinking that she wanted you and the minute you reciprocated she laughed in your face & more than likely behind your back (for sure she is). Ignore her, go about your business. Pretend she doesn't exist, interact only when necessary (work related & go back to living). She wasted your time and emotions bro. You need to get into a mental state of (WHO FU*KING CARES! I HAVE A JOB TO DO!) because you are NOT going to be together and she is shady as f&ck. She likes to get attention from men and leaves a aftermath of men behind that's she's toyed with. You're just a guy she used, there is no FRIENDS, remember friends don't lie, do things behind your back, dismiss or toy with you. Enemies do. Enough said, and I'm doing the exact same thing and her true colors are showing and people can see her for her manipulative ways. Karma...

    • Honestly Karma is hitting this girl as well, she is getting older.. I think her boyfriend dumped her... I overheard that she is upset about it...

      It sucks that I know she used me, It really seemed she was a nice girl... and a part of me wants to believe that... I think that's why I might want closure.. Maybe she wasn't like that... but... What can I do, just gotta move on... If I feel like talking maybe I will, but I will try to move on... I know she will get an ego boost... but I might also feel better if she is honest...

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  • I feel like its not even worth it to be all crazed up about this. She was a crush who didn't feel the same way. Flirting is in her nature. But if you feel like it will make you feel better to get some "closure" and let her know you were hurt, then do so. Prolly go grab some drinks after work and confront her about it if you don't feel comfortable doing it at work.

  • She's a coworker and you should never date a coworker. Ignore your crush and move on.

  • move on !!


What Guys Said 1

  • If you want to discuss then talk in person. But the best policy is ignore her. There are some who like a closure but I think it is best to just resist interaction with her


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