Should I ignore her and let her initiate contact?

So me and this girl I met dated 3 months... things didn't work out because I was too nice and never escalated so she backed away...

3 months later she starts texting me again and this time I am very straightforward and she seems to enjoy my change.

We texted 3 days in a row for hours everyday every conversation was very sexual and direct which turned her on and kept her coming back for more in terms of text. Eventually we meet up and have sex in her car and afterward she wanted to cuddle and kept on kissing me and hugging me and saying how she wants to be my girlfriend if I give her a 2nd chance after she gets back from 3 months of vacation.

She wanted sex the very next day but I couldn't go to her place because I was at work...

The weird thing now is that after she got sex from me which she wanted the texting seemed to have died down again I text her something small like "How's your day going?" she replies 3 hours later... I offered her to "Hang out" with me tonight to hook up and she said she is feeling stressed but that definitely some other time we will.

Is this normal for her to slow down after she got what she wanted?

I figured after sex a girl might get more attached instead of slowing down contact?

I didn't reply her text when she said she couldn't tonight... Should I let her initiate next? I don't want to come off as desperate at all

I hope she had a good time and it wasn't my performance... even tho she claimed to have had the big O twice and I didn't even get to finish myself... after that she said she couldn't focus so we stopped but I made sure to give her a good time...

Should I ignore her and let her initiate contact?
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